Is It Okay to Open Your Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

The garage door is normally installed with torsion springs that are mounted on top of the garage door. The spring is intended to act as a counterbalancing part of the door system. The spring counterbalances the weight of the door by winding and unwinding each time someone opens and closes the garage door. Torsion springs come in various lengths, diameters, gauges, and finish. This spring plays a vital role in both opening and closing the garage door. The opener is not meant to lift the door. On a properly balanced door, the opener will need to simply move the door while the springs carry the weight. You never want a broken spring that’s put into operation.

When the garage door spring breaks one will be in a dilemma on whether to open the door or not? The garage door may be using a one spring system or a two spring system. Even though some garage doors have more than two springs in the operation system.

A garage door with a broken spring should not be opened or closed using an automatic operator.

All though some openers can lift the door, you risk damage to the operator and the door. Many times homeowners don’t even notice and operate the door with a broken spring for days until something else breaks and the door is not operable.

Operating your garage door with a broken spring commonly results in one of these problems

The garage door panels can cave in,

Your opener may break a gear or burn out,

The chain or belt may break or the trolly may sheer off.

The opener J arm bracket will come off – it is usually connected by only 2 screws, many times the J arm just tears off. In some cases, it will damage the stile before doing so.

Bend the opener rail due to the weight of the door pulling on the rail, in less common cases the motor might fall off the ceiling.

The list goes on and on… Also, if any parts break while the door is in motion it will send the door plunging to the ground. Obviously not a good way to start your day.

Your Safety Matters the Most!

If your garage door has a broken spring and you must take your cars out of the garage or open it for any reason, the best and safest thing to do (although not recommended) is to open it manually. Use Extreme Caution! Disengage the door from the opener, and carefully lift the door up. Be careful not to bend the panels and not put your fingers between the panels (!) the door will be heavy. Some doors will be too heavy to lift.

Depending on the dimensions and building style of the door. Lifting a door with a broken spring means you will have to lift the weight of the door panels. Given the fact most are made of steel or wood, it will be heavy. Stand in the middle of the door, have each hand on a different panel to minimize panel damage and lift just like you do in the gym, a good grunt might help. Keep the door leveled all the way if the door tilts it might go off track or at least bend the vertical rails.

Getting it off the ground is the hardest part. Once the door is up it should be easy to hold it in the up position since the weight will be supported by the horizontal tracks. When you are ready to close it, do it slowly, and make sure you hold it all the way down. Do not let it fall, it will likely damage a panel.  It is recommended to have 2 people do it just to be safe.

If you know or suspect that your garage door has a broken spring of any type we strongly recommend calling a garage door technician and not operate the door. At American Veteran Garage Doors we always provide same day service, we can take care of it today!

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 if you have any questions or concerns, our customer service representatives are available 24/7.