At American Veteran Garage Doors, we are have numerous options for roll up garage door installations. We are proud to offer various finishes, materials, and customization options for roll up garage doors and installed by our garage door professionals, every service is always finished with quality workmanship. Whether if your commercial property is in Henderson or up in Centennial Hills, we continue to serve the entire Las Vegas valley for all their roll up garage door installations and repairs. Our high performance rolling doors is your solution to durable and low maintenance exterior doorways for your commercial use.

Roll Up Garage Door - Repair Services in Las Vegas

Roll-Up Steel Material

Roll up doors are steel material doors with a purpose to interconnect with another rolled form slat that rolls up above interior or exterior building openings. Roll up doors are heavy duty and extremely durable to provide superior security and protection from unauthorized entry and environmental factors including extreme storms. Roll up doors are designed to perform much longer than your traditional garage door. As your roll up door experts, we custom build your roll up door to meet your exact measurements and specifications no matter what unique challenges may bring. All of our roll up door installations can perform up to a lifetime of cycles and designed for daily access control and security.

Roll Up Garage Doors - Repair Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Based Company

Located in Las Vegas, American Veteran Garage Doors is proud to create durable and secured roll up doors that’s uniquely yours. Our commercial-grade construction requires little to no maintenance and withstands its purpose for daily use. In addition, we offer numerous rolling door finishes, material choices, and ventilation options to provide energy efficiency and climate control. Whether you need overhead, fire, or security roll up doors, American Veteran Garage Doors in Las vegas has all your commercial exterior garage door needs. Call us today at 702-979-2870 to speak with a roll up garage door specialist for more information.