Weather Seals

Your garage door is designed to fill an open space and protect your garage from rain, snow, and wind. However, it can’t always be perfectly aligned or fit, that’s why it leaves an inch or two of room around for weather to creep in. The good thing is, it’s easy to avoid this! By having a professional install a weather seal, you can save so much more energy and money.

Without weather seals, your garage door may not serve its full functionality because it wouldn’t be able to protect you or your home from harsh weather. It may have a gap as big as your hand. Imagine 68 linear feet of cold or hot air rushing in during winter or summer you wouldn’t want to be in that kind of situation especially in Las Vegas!

Weather Seals in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, not many homeowners think that weather sealing is important and it’s the least thing on their mind. But having a small crack or gap around your garage door may actually cause some serious damage. For example, if it rains and your garage is not protected with a weather seal, the rainwater can seep in and cause a layer of ice once froze over that can be even dangerous to one’s health. So you don’t only deal with detriments but also risk your health.

When you have American Veterans Garage Doors install weather seals, you can expect much quieter maneuvering, a warmer garage in the winter and a cooler one in the summer, fewer critters, and more energy savings! There are different kinds of weather seals for different types of garage doors. We will help you install the right one that best suits your garage door. If you already have some weather seals installed, you would also want to check and see if they’re still in good shape. Otherwise, ignoring issues will only result in much more damage.

Weather Seals Las Vegas

We can’t stress enough how vital a weather seal is no matter how irrelevant homeowners think it is. Many things can occur when your garage door doesn’t have proper sealing. That’s why the American Veterans Garage Doors want to help you install the right kind of weather seals for your garage door, so it can efficiently protect you from unwanted weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and wind. With a properly working garage door and suitable weather seal, you’ll be protected against water that can freeze into ice or cause water damage. So save yourself time and trouble by calling us now for a quote!

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