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Are you looking for the Best Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada? If so, you need to hire the best Las Vegas, Nevada Garage Door Repair Company, American Veteran Garage Doors. Give our office a call at 702-979-2870.

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From Garage door installation and garage door repair services Las Vegas, the team at American Veteran Garage Doors can help! We have been serving the entire Las Vegas Valley with our high-quality Garage door repair services for decades and we take pride in helping both commercial and residential homes with all their garage door needs. 100% customer satisfaction is our main mission at American Veteran Garage Doors, and with our certified garage door technicians, we promise to leave your garage door functioning and looking better than before. From your garage door’s physical aesthetic, security, and functionality, we do it all. We use industry-grade materials, tools, brands, and equipment to ensure that your garage door is properly handled efficiently and professionally. No matter what garage door service you’re seeking, our expert team would love to serve you! 

Available Services in All The Major Cities Within Las Vegas, Nevada

  •  Broken springs
  • Frayed or torn cables
  • Broken hinges
  • Door off track
  • Rollers
  • Garage door section replacement
  • Garage door opener/motor issues
  • Garage door motor/opener installations
  • Wireless keypad(s) and remote(s)

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Whether you’re dealing with broken panels, a faulty garage remote, or anything else that needs a repair, our technicians at American Veteran Garage Doors in Las Vegas, Nevada are properly certified and insured to handle all of your garage door restorations!

The torsion springs in your garage door play a key role in the way your garage operates. These springs support the weight of your garage door, and when not effective they can be a huge safety threat and could be very costly when not attended to immediately.

The advantage of a garage door opener enhances your security, safety, and convenience. If you’re considering a new garage door remote, our technicians can help you select and install the perfect one that works for you!

Installing a new garage door can be a challenge to do by yourself. But with the professional help of American Veteran Garage Doors, we can make a new garage door installation a breeze so you can enjoy your new garage door quicker and at the best price!

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Garage door broken springs are the Lifting mechanism of your garage door. Many people think the motor is in charge of lifting the door, but in reality the opener merely moves the door rather than lift it. Garage door springs are calibrated to exert exactly the same amount of force as the weight of the door at any given state of opening. There are a few kinds of lifting spring mechanisms. Extension springs, torsion springs, Torque master Springs, stretch springs. 

In Las Vegas and Henderson the most common ones are torsion and torque master Springs systems. 

Springs are usually under tremendous amount of pressure. When the door is down, the spring has its maximum load as it is supposed to keep the door in a constant state of equilibrium. Meaning If your door weighs 200 pounds, when the door is down, your spring will be loaded at a force of 200 pounds. As the door goes up the spring spins at a constant rate, losing tension and losing force. That is because as the door goes down it becomes from vertical to horizontal. The weight of the door is shifted from your tension cables in springs to your horizontal tracks so the spring no longer has to provide a listing power for the part of the door that is currently horizontal. Smooth operation of your door highly depends on your springs and the entire doors and system assembly which the springs are attached to. Your cables, drums, bearing plates, all need to be working smooth for the charging system to not malfunction. When a garage door torsion spring breaks, the door will become heavy to operate. That is because the lifting mechanism of the door is essentially broken. In some cases it is possible to lift the door by hand. In either case is the door is too heavy. It is very important to not try and open the door with your opener one having a broken spring. As the opener is not meant to lift that kind of weight. Also should the motor break while the door is up, the door will just come crashing down to the floor. So it is extremely dangerous to use a garage door with a broken screen. Also should the motor break while the door is up, the door will just come crashing down to the floor. So it is extremely dangerous to use a garage door with a broken spring. When repairing a garage door spring, do you want to make sure the Replacement spring will be matched pound for pound for the door. Using a stronger spring or a weaker spring will make the garage door to be out of equilibrium and will result in problems throwing the door Offtrack. 

American Veteran Garage Doors we carry dozens of types of springs on the truck. We actually match the broken spring to be exactly the IPPT needed. This ensures your door will be in a constant state of equilibrium and minimizes any future problems. Calls us today! Our very own garage door specialists are always well prepared to provide all customer speedy replies and solutions 24-7 for your Garage Door Repair needs.

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Remember the time when little Timmy got stuck in the garage for two whole days? Well it could very much happen to you. A garage door is like an impressive drawbridge to a castle or a foundation to the tallest building. It completes your home. If it isn’t constructed well and is badly damaged, then you have a disaster waiting on your hands.Every well designed home must have an equally well designed garage door. After all if we are all ready to shell out big bucks for home interiors and furnishings, then why not on garage doors? We are the undisputed Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Experts when it comes to garage doors Check out our services today!

American Veteran Garage Doors is Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Service Provider Near Me of choice Most Trusted in Las Vegas, Nevada.We’re proud to serve our customers with 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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  • Residential torsion spring replacement

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Why choose American Veteran Garage Doors?

At American Veteran Garage Doors, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our team of expert garage door technicians are thoroughly trained and insured to provide the absolute best garage door service. Each and every one of our team members is well-equipped with the proper knowledge and materials to carry out each job efficiently. We make sure that our technicians go through extensive training regarding repairs and installation. Every garage door project or concern that comes our way is always different than the next, that is why we customize our services according to your exact needs. For decades, we have experience in all types of garage doors including both commercial and residential models. Let our American Veteran Garage Doors team handle your garage door mishap or concern for you so you don’t have to!

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Our technicians have gone through rigorous training and are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary for repairing garage doors. As such, you do not have to worry when you call upon us to help with Garage Door Repair Las Vegas services. When we are handling the work, you can be assured that all will be well. With us in operation, your garage door will be in safe hands. Our services are perfect; there is no doubt in that.

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Consider American Veteran Garage Doors your one-stop shop for all your garage door needs! We offer an array of garage door services from repairs, installation, and maintenance. We take pride in our quality workmanship and integrity that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s no such thing as a project too big or too small for American Veteran Garage Doors, we handle it all! Whether your garage door needs a quick tune-up, a new garage remote, or a completely new look for your home or business,

If you are looking for any service to do with garage doors, this is the place to get it. If you are in the search for Quality Garage Door Repair Services in Las Vegas Nevada that will not fail you, our Garage Door Repair Experts are the ideal people to get that done for you. You can always trust and count on us to help you out with a number of garage door opener repair issues. We handle the repair of garage door springs, which happens to be one of the most common services around. We also deal in the repair of garage door cables. We can also help you out with the installation of new garage doors. Even those having problems with their garage door openers can comfortably call us knowing very well that they will get reliable assistance. Simply call us and we will be there!


Veterans-military-first-responder-discountWe are well stocked with only the best supplies and parts, and are available to you for immediate service — they’re just a phone call away.

Available Services in All The Major Cities Within Las Vegas, Nevada

• Broken springs
• Frayed or torn Cables
• Broken hinges
• Door off track
• Rollers
• Garage door section replacement
• Garage door opener/motor issues
• Garage door motor/opener installations
• Wireless keypad(s) and remote(s)

Garage Door Repair Services Las Vegas, NV

Garage doors in our home or commercial business can bring convenience and ease to our daily function. Unfortunately, garage doors can be a complex mechanism that can’t always be handled by yourself. They contain many intricate parts and features that if handled incorrectly, they can cause serious damage to the garage, your property, and even worse, your safety. With the expertise and professional service of our certified and insured garage door technicians, let us do the heavy lifting for you! We have helped thousands of various Garage Door Repair types and situations for decades, and we strive to help you in the best way we can. From Henderson to Summerlin, we serve the entire Las Vegas Valley with our 5-star services you won’t regret.

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