Gated communities are a great place to live. They provide their residents with privacy, safety, and security. However, they also suffer from some common issues that need prompt attention before the problems escalate into significant inconveniences, like when gates get stuck open or closed due to malfunctions in gears and springs on them. An experienced community gate service can fix it if it’s found quickly enough!

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American Veteran provides community gate services with ease in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. We know how difficult it can be to find the right community gate service company for your needs, which is why we offer various packages and services.

Our team will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. Our goal is simple – provide excellent customer service at an affordable price! You won’t have any worries when you hire us because we guarantee satisfaction on all jobs. If you want quality work done by professionals who care about their customers, give us a call today!

Community Gate Repair & Services

Community Gate Metal Track Repair

Most community gates have an automatic sliding function. These are great, but they also need to be maintained- and you must do so regularly! If the metal tracks get dirty or clogged with particles like grease and dirt, then the gate will jam up. Worse still is if there’s a misalignment of these rails – this can result in jammed doors and worse yet; people getting hurt by carelessly slamming open doors against themselves while walking down into their driveway late at night, trying not to disturb anyone else who might live nearby. When this happens, don’t hesitate to call us!

Community Gate Opener Repair

Most community gates have opener problems from time to time. They are not as costly or dangerous as some other issues, but they can be troublesome when it comes down to getting in and out of your community without an open gate! Call us for professional assistance from our gate community service company at any time- we never say “no” when someone needs us most!

Community Gate Repair Due to Cold Weather

Automatic community gates are a lifesaver during cold winters, but they can also be troublesome. A low temperature may cause the metal components inside to contract, making it difficult for them to open or close smoothly when operated manually. Also, a cold battery can become a problem due to low temperature! Call us for professional help!

Community Gate Limit Switch Nut Repair

The limit nut, which is the piece that holds in place and turns the lever holding up your automatic community gate, often falls out of its rightful position. This can cause a lot of hassle for homeowners who usually have to turn off their power or even hire someone to fix it if they don’t know how themselves! But if this doesn’t work, call an expert right away because something dangerous could happen soon, such as having one side with no community gate opening options whatsoever! If you notice any signs like these, then try setting them yourself by looking at where everything should be positioned on each side.

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