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Putting a garage door back on track is not something a homeowner should do on his/her own. And since it’s not only a very annoying mishap but also an invitation for burglars to break into your home, you should call an expert to have it fixed immediately. If not, you are only risking your safety and security because you don’t want your garage door to be just sitting there and welcoming everyone into your home, including intruders.

Garage Off Track Repair in Las Vegas

A garage door may come off its track because of many reasons: you might have hit it with your car, the horizontal tracks might have bent under the weight of the door, the tracks might not have been aligned properly, the rollers might have been worn out and broken, or one of the lift cables might have broken. Although it is also important to know which reason caused you this much hassle, you know that whichever one it is, it all goes down to one dilemma– a dangerous and malfunctioning garage door that should be fixed right away.

If you have hit your garage door with your car, chances are, you were in a hurry, so you pulled out or entered your garage too fast without waiting for the door to be completely open. This is the most common cause of having a door come off its track. Another possible reason is when the horizontal tracks have bent under the weight of the door because they are of low quality and yet you still had them installed for your door system, or they might not have been installed properly. It’s also possible that the rollers have worn out because of the additional stress they bore from extreme use, especially if they are of low quality. It’s important to know that there are different kinds of rollers for different kinds or sizes of garage doors. And lastly, if your garage door is already old and you have never tuned it up, the cables might just break without much warning. It’s very unusual, but it’s possible.

Garage Off Track Repair Vegas

So if your garage door has come off track, don’t compromise your safety and security. Fixing it by yourself may only lead to further damage and may cause you an injury if not done properly. Leaving your off-track garage door to the experts like us will only ensure you a smooth, quick fix so you can use your garage door like normal again! Here are the American Veterans Garage Doors, we take care of all your garage door needs. And we are more than happy to help you with any garage door dilemmas you might be facing. For any inquiries, give us a call now!

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