What Happens When a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Broken Garage Spring Door is Las Vegas?
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Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring (Double)

Garage door springs are the lifting power of the garage door mechanism. Despite common belief, the garage door motor only moves the door, but does not lift it. In order to lift the garage door, the mechanism relies on tension from Springs, usually mounted on top of the garage door. In short, the springs have pressure counter balancing the garage door weight, thus providing lifting power to raise the garage door and also to lower it safely. 
When a garage door spring breaks, you lose the ability to open and lower your doors safely. This is because there’s no pressure from coils of wire on top or below that can force it close when lifted by an auto-lifter motor in case something goes wrong with one side being heavier than another – which would cause injury if not death!
When a garage door spring breaks, you are essentially losing the lifting power. The motor will then have to lift the weight of the door. 

If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks, Can You Still Open the Door  Using Your Garage Door Opener?

The answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. If you have a broken spring, it’s important to call a professional to fix the issue before attempting to open the door yourself. Trying to open a garage door with a broken spring could result in serious injury.
-Garage door openers are strong enough to lift a garage door.  Assuming your door doesn’t weigh more than 200 pounds,and your motor is in good condition.

Is It Safe to Operate a Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

It is extremely dangerous to open or close the garage door with a broken spring. A broken spring means the weight of the door will transfer directly to the motor. Garage door motors are not meant to lift a garage door. The components are not made strong enough as this is not its function. When running a garage door with a broken spring, something might break internally in the motor, sending the door down with all this weight. It is extremely dangerous and can cause harm or death and might damage the door itself as it hits the ground with force.

Repaired Spring of Garage Door

Double Garage Door Spring

Call now for free spring inspection!!

Why Did The Garage Door Springs Break?

Broken Garage door Spring


Spring can break for many reasons, The most common reason is where in tear or poor maintenance. Like any moving component, Garage Doors torsion springs wear out with every cycle. A cycle is considered one for opening and one for closing of the garage door. Most garage door springs are made to last an average of 10,000 ups and downs. Once it reaches that number the metal wall fatigue, causing the spring wire to snap. Some springs are rated for more cycles and some for less depending on the door weight and height.

What Can I Do to Make My Garage Door Springs Last Longer?

Obviously the less you use your garage door, the longer time you’ll get out of the components. In addition, Frequent maintenance will make the door running smoother and put less stress on the springs. If you’re Springs are torsion springs, You must lubricated every 3 to 6 months. Proper lubrication will extend the life span of your springs. Poorly lubricated, dry springs break a lot faster. In some climate dry non lubricated springs will rust. In Las Vegas and he Henderson we have very little humidity in the air so rust is Rarely a problem. That’s why the Air Force and Army keeps so many tanks and airplanes in Nevada. Less humidity means less rust.

Proper Maintenance

A Proper Maintenance Can Make You’re Garage Door Spring Last Longer

Call for maintenance !!

What Do I Do If My Garage Door Springs Break?

We all know that a broken garage door can be inconvenient. But you might not realize the full extent of your problem until it’s too late! If yours has been giving out on you lately, don’t hesitate to call someone who will come fix ‘er up fast – like our team here at American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas . We provide emergency services as well, so there really is no reason to wait.
We’re ready 24/7 thank you.