Bay garage doors are commonly freestanding structures, but can be ideally attached to a home or commercial space. If your home or business is looking for bay doors, our team of garage door professionals at American Veteran Garage Door is go-to exterior garage door installers. Whether if you’re looking to add or install one, two, three or more bay doors to your property, we will custom make the exact specifications for the perfect fit and finish. With our professional workmanship and integrity, we are proud to serve the city of Las Vegas for all their bay garage door needs whether installation or repair.

Bay Doors - Garage Services in Las Vegas

Commercial Bay Doors

Here at American Veteran Garage Doors, we have endless options for your residential or commercial bay doors. We have a complete line for all industrial-grade environments. Our long history of high quality, performance, and secured garage doors ensures a lifetime of daily cycles. Because we only use professional-grade materials and tools, expect nothing less of a design that’s custom made to withstand extreme weather concerns and security factors.

Bay Door - Garage Services in Las Vegas


Our high performance overhead doors provides security and durability for a lifetime of cycles. Made to withstand daily use wear and tear, we understand how important these exterior garage doors need to operate a business. We engineer our industrial garage doors to resist extreme weather concerns as well as deliver maximum security and strength. At American Veteran Garage Doors, we are proud to bring high quality design and installation no matter how big or small the project. We have a long history of excellent engineering, design and application throughout the Las Vegas Valley and we look forward to serving you and your business with our integrity and professional craftsmanship. Call us today at 702-979-2870 to speak with a industrial garage door specialist for more information.