What Causes Garage Door Cables to Break or Fray?

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Broken Garage Door Cable!!

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What Are Garage Door Cables Made Of?

Garage cables are made out of long strands of metal woven together to make a braid. The strength of the cable comes from the number of strains that make up the cable. And also the thickness of each Individual strands of cable. Residential Garage door tension cables usually are made up of 7 to 9 strands of thin metal. While commercial, or heavier garage door cables are made of 13 to 17 strands. Typically the more strands, the thicker the cable will be. Thicker cables are great, but they require bigger garage door drums. Also the thicker the cable, the less elastic it is. So thicker is not always better in this case.

Why Do They Break?

Garage door cables hold a lot of tension. With every garage door operation, the cables gain and lose tension. Also the cables rub against the drum. Each garage door open or close, erodes the metal making up the cable. With time, strands of the cable will break. The cable itself will still hold tension. But will have less strands, thus weaker and less safe. 

How to Know if Garage Door Cables Are Bad?

When inspecting garage door cables, technicians will usually visually inspect the cables. Then, run a finger on the tire length of the cable starting from the bottom all the way to the top. The cable should feel smooth. If your finger is “poked” by the cable, that means there is one strand of metal that broke.

Broken cable tread

Frayed Cable

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Can You Still Use a Garage Door With a Frayed Cable?

Due to the fact the garage door cables are made of many strands of steel wire, even when a cable is frayed, the cable can still be used. It is of course a priority to change the cable ASAP.

Is It Safe to Use the Garage Door With Frayed Cables?

When a cable is frayed, The door will run uneven. One side of the garage door will have absolute tension while the other side will have weaker tension on the cable. On light residential doors, Those differences on Minute and thus the door can still be operated temporarily until repaired. On heavier or commercial overhead garage doors, it is extremely unsafe to operate a garage door with frayed cables. The cable might break mid motion sending the door off track.

Can You Operate a Garage Door With One Broken Cable?

Although sometimes very light residential garage doors will be able to operate with one cable, it is extremely unsafe to do so. Garage doors must have two even cables on both ends to operate safely

Can I Replace Garage Door Cables Myself?

It all depends on your level of expertise, the understanding you have of how a garage door mechanism work, and of course the tools you have access to. I have seen many people hurt themselves trying to repair or replace garage door cables. Those jobs are better left for licensed professional technicians.

Can I Open Garage Door With Broken Cables?

Sometimes the question is not “can I” but more “should I”. When a garage door has two broken cables, or a untensioned wires. The garage door is essentially deadweight. There is absolutely no lifting mechanism to help you pull the weight of the door up. It is possible to lift a garage door by hand using brute force. The problem with that, is that garage doors are extremely heavy. Once the door is up, You will need to hold the door up so it doesn’t fall to the ground. If it any point the door becomes too heavy for you to lift, it might crash to the ground and damage the door or might do bodily harm. Garage doors with broken cables should not be operated. It’s best to call a garage licensed door company and have them repair it correctly

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What Do I Do If My Garage Door Cable Break?

We all know that a broken garage door can be inconvenient. But you might not realize the full extent of your problem until it’s too late! If yours has been giving out on you lately, don’t hesitate to call someone who will come fix ‘er up fast – like our team here at American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas . We provide emergency services as well, so there really is no reason to wait.
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