How To Test Your Garage Door’s Balance?

How To Test Your Garage Door’s Balance?

 You may be wondering what to do if the door becomes unbalanced and can no longer stay open on its own. An at-home balance test will help detect an imbalance in most doors with light or moderate damage. Still, it’s essential not to take chances when dealing with high-risk situations like children playing near an opening garage door where severe injury could result from acting too late! 

Follow these steps to test whether your garage door is balanced or not:

  1. Close the garage door.
  2. Detached the garage door from your opener by pulling down on the manual release rope. There are different types of openers, depending on how it’s driven: a chain or belt drive will use either 5-piece square rail; if you have T-rail then pull back towards motor unit; screw drives require that you pull straight down and when using jackshafts, push until there is a click sound before releasing.
  3. Lift it and let it go. If your door is not balanced, it wants to drop on the floor, or it wants to fly up, that means your motor will wear out due to the push or pull, or the doors will go up and down. Your top panel will also wear out where the garage door motor catches the door. If your door is balanced, that means that at any stage that you let go of the door, it just stays, it doesn’t fall, it doesn’t fly up, it stays like it’s floating in the air.

Your Safety Matters the Most!

If your garage door is not balanced, then it may be good to call on an expert when dealing with the dangerous tension that makes garage doors work. Garage door springs are under significant stress, which can cause accidents for inexperienced homeowners who try self-repairing them without proper knowledge of how they should go about it.

Get Help From An Expert

Get immediate help!

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 if you have any questions or concerns, our customer service representatives are available 24/7.