My Garage Door Won’t Close and Blinks 10 Times

Check The Sensor

This article will show you how to fix a garage door opener that won’t close and blinks 10 times. This indicates that the garage door sensors are out of alignment or that anything is blocking the sensors’ path.
Sensors are included on both sides of the vertical rails on garage door openers manufactured after 1993. They operate by transmitting and receiving an infrared beam. If the beam is blocked by something or if the sensors are out of alignment. The opener will not close the door because it believes something is blocking it. There is no way to get around these features.
The first thing you should do, according to American Veteran Garge Doors, is make sure the sensors are clear and facing in the same direction. 90% of the time, this resolves the issue in under a minute.
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My sensors are aligned and there is nothing in the way. Why doesn't my garage door close?!

If this is the case, the wiring from the sensors to the motor should be checked. Check for broken or crossed wires. The cables from the opener or the sensor anchoring base might get separated from time to time.

Why won't the light on my garage door opener turn off?

If your garage door light won’t switch off, it’s most likely because one of these things is activating your garage door motion sensors, which are responsible for automatically turning the light on and off. You forgot to turn off the panel light switch. The light feature on your garage door is turned on.

What does it mean when my garage door light flashes 10 times?

A issue with the door safety sensor circuit is indicated by ten flashes of the light. Examine the leds on both of the door sensors. The sensors are misaligned if one or both leds flash. The door sensors must be changed if one of the leds is not lit.

Further troubleshooting for  garage door openers

A “sender” and a “receiver” make up garage door safety sensors.
The “sender” sensor on a Liftmaster Chamberlain Craftsman is usually fitted with a yellow service indicator that indicates it is transmitting a beam. A green service light will illuminate on the “receiver” sensor only when it “catches” the signal from the transmitting sensor unit. If one of your garage door sending sensors has a yellow light and the other does not, they are most likely misaligned.
You should look at the rear of the motor unit. A circuit board with a service light is located on the rear of the motor. The garage door opener service light blink rate indicates various problem codes
Older units will show this:
1 blink – sensor wire is disconnected
2 blinks – sensor wire are shorted
3 blinks – sensor eyes misaligned
Newer units with arrow light up buttons
Up 1 blink, down 1 blink – sensor wire is disconnected
Up 1 blink, down 2 blink – sensor wire is shorted
Up 1 blink, down 4 blink -sensor eyes misaligned/obstructed
Up 4 blink, down 6 blink – sensor eyes misaligned/obstructed temporarily
If both sensors light up but the door still won’t close, it’s possible that your sensors are broken. Garage door sensors, like any other electrical component, need to be updated from time to time. It’s a good idea to double-check your garage door sensors before replacing them. If the door still does not shut, you most likely have a damaged sensor or a faulty circuit board. Cut the sensor cables 4″ from the sensors and try tying them up straight to the motor, aligning them properly and seeing if the door now closes.
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