My Garage Door Won’t Close During the Day

My Garage Door Won’t Close During the Day

Garage door openers are installed with sensors to enhance the security of any given house. This has been the case since 1993, where all garage doors that were being sold in the United States had to be installed with safety eyes or the standard 2 part optical sensors. The modern garage doors employ the following two systems in creating a functional and safe garage: garage door wired to the house and are the remotely powered system. This utility proves to be very efficient and safe for most homeowners. When these two systems don’t work it’s highly possible to experience issues like when your garage door won’t close.

The safety eyes function as electronic detectors. They are able to detect if someone or something is under the door. Sensors are electronic devices that enhance the safety of a garage, by preventing the garage door from closing on people, pets or objects that are in the doorway. The sensors are usually placed above the flooring at each opening side of the garage door. One side you will find the sensor transmitter usually known as the sender and the other side you will find the sensor receiver. The sensors generate a low voltage beam that will complete the electrical circuit when the door is opened.


If your garage door won’t close during the day but works at night it is most likely a sensor issue. Garage doors work on infra-red light. Rays from the sun contain infra-red, when the sensors get old, the sunlight will interfere with the functionality of the sensors. Thinking the door is obstructed, the opener will perform “emergency reverse”. In some openers, a clicking noise will sound from the open faulty garage door, sensors will make the garage remote or wall button to not function properly, hence the garage door failing to operate as expected.

In some cases, you will find the garage door will only be able to move an inch in the closing direction before reversing. Another scenario is the door will be traveling down towards the closing position and then begin reversing anywhere along the rail in the opposite direction.

The best solution American Veteran Garage recommends for this problem will be to change the safety sensors. This should resolve the problem and your garage door will go back to working as normal.