6 Garage Door Safety Tips You Need to Know

Garage Door Safety Tips You Need to Know

If you’re a long time follower, you’ll know American Veteran Garage love everything about our garages. They serve as a great place for storage, parked cars, workspaces, and even a safe place for children to play. With all of the personally stored items, it’s important to keep a close eye on your garage and ensure that access codes are well hidden and the remote control is always in a safe place. We keep our homes safe, so why not do the same for our garages? Check out these garage safety tips to not only promote a safe space for your car but for your family as well.

6 Tips to Garage Safety

Keep passwords secret

It might be easy to pass along the password to close friends and family, but keep the code to yourself just in case someone has a big mouth. If what’s inside is really important, your guests can wait for you to arrive home. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry!”

Remote control is out of reach

Making sure the garage control is out of reach for small children is crucial. If your child plays in the garage, it is also important to note that there is no way for them to reach the button to open and close the garage. This makes sure that no one comes in or out.

Never leave the remote control in the car

Unfortunately, home invasions happen from time to time. A strategy that thieves are using to access homes is through the garage, meaning they’ve taken the garage remote or have access to the code. Make sure to never leave the remote in the car. A key chain remote would be a perfect investment in this scenario as it ensures the garage remote goes everywhere with you.

Watch the fingers

Some of the newer garage doors have pinch protection to ensure your child (or maybe even yourself) does not get a serious hand and finger injury. Still, remind everyone to stay away from the joints between panels of the garage when closing.

Routine test

It is important to test the safety sensors from time to time. To do this, open the garage door and place something soft between the floor and the garage door. If the garage door does not touch the object and goes back up, the sensors are working correctly. This is really important if you have kids as they might not be aware of a closing garage door.

Do not leave doors partially open

We’ve all been there. Either we want to cool down the garage or air the place out. However, by leaving the garage door partially open you are inviting a wild animal inside or leaving the option open for your animal to escape. This can be avoided by keeping the garage shut when playing inside. If necessary to keep the garage open, make sure there is extra supervision to ensure the safety of everyone around you.