5 Ways to Kid-Proof Your Garage

5 Ways to Kid-Proof Your Garage

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. Our garages can be a really dangerous place for small children. It’s filled with large equipment, vehicles, and dangerous tools and materials. Kid-proofing your garage is always a great idea especially when the weather is nice out for playing around the house. Check out American Veteran Garage’s five easy ways that you can easily kid-proof your garage for their safety and your peace of mind.

Kid-Proof Yor Garage and Keep Your Children Safe

1. Secure the garage

The first thing to kid-proofing your garage is limiting their access to the garage. There are numerous ways to add additional locks to the garage. From knob locks to dutch doors, securing the garage door’s passage will control your children’s entrance to the garage. Also be sure to secure vehicles, freezers, and other large appliances they can unlock in the garage.

2. Keep dangerous tools and materials out of reach

The garage is a common place to store heavy duty tools and toxic materials. Investing in shelves, racks, and high-quality storage to store these dangerous substances ensures proper safety for your children. Keep lawn tools out of reach, as well as sharp materials. Keep equipment high and locked away in secured, sealed containers.

5 Ways to Kid-Proof Your Garage

3. Regular maintenance

Continue to do regular maintenance on your garage door to ensure it’s working properly. Always be aware of unusual scraping or squeaking to make sure it’s working correctly and test everything. When testing the door’s path, manually test it without the garage door remote. Be sure its sensors are working accurately to prevent any future accidents.

4. Always Supervise

If you do allow your children to play in the garage, always have a responsible adult to supervise. It’s better safe than sorry to have someone there to make sure no accidents occur. This also goes for opening and closing your garage door as well. Garage doors are heavy and can cause severe injuries.

5. Teach them basic safety

If you care about your children’s safely, start a conversation with them about the dangers of the garage. An easy way to kid-proof your garage is to teach your children when and what you don’t want them doing in the garage especially the objects they shouldn’t be touching or looking at. Be sure to let them know the consequences and let them know to always keep you in the know if anything happens.