Garage Door Halloween Tips 

Garage Door Halloween Tips

Your garage door is one of the biggest surfaces on your home and it’s often the one that faces the road. You can turn your garage door into a full Halloween experience that At American Veteran Garage Doors, we love getting festive so we’ve put together a list of ideas on how to transform your garage door this Halloween. Try these garage door Halloween tips from AVG.

Use it as an Opportunity to Clean, Paint, and Organize Your Garage

First and foremost, you should view this as an opportunity to clean and organize your garage while showing your garage door some love. You can use your garage for a lot of different Halloween ideas, so you might as well clean up space a bit, clean your garage doors, and maybe even consider a fresh coat of paint on November 1st!

Ideas for Your Garage Door Decoration This Halloween

#1 Use your garage door as a canvas and create a spooky Halloween design on it.

Your garage door makes for the perfect backdrop for Halloween themed decorations. You can choose to do several things on it from paining pumpkins, witches, and ghouls on your garage door to cutting out cardboard images and securing them to your garage door with some tape and LED light strips to create a spooky silhouette scene for all of the neighborhood to enjoy. If you choose to draw or paint on your garage door, I would recommend using chalk or non-toxic watercolors that you can easily remove –unless your plan is to repaint the whole door. In that case, go wild!

#2 Turn your garage into a giant monster mouth.

If you’re anything like me, you loved the movie Monster House and the idea of a living breathing house is just terrifying! You can turn your garage into a mean monster mouth in no time. Take a black sheet and cover up the front of your garage door. Then, paint and cut out some cardboard in the shape of two eyes and a whole-lot-of teeth. Outline the black sheet with teeth and place the eyes above the door to create a creepy monster mouth.

#3 Use lights inside of your garage

Colored lightbulbs are relatively inexpensive and can change the whole mood of your garage. If you plan on handing out treats this Halloween, you may want to sit in a lawn chair in your driveway. Install colorful lights to create a festive or spooky environment for trick-or-treaters. Orange or red light radiating from your garage can be a quick, easy, and affordable way to decorate!

Is Your Garage Door Ready For Halloween?

If your garage door isn’t in tip-top shape for Halloween, the experts at American Veteran Garage Doors are here to help you with any garage door repairs that you may need. We cover everything from torsion springs to entire garage door replacements!