A garage door is one of the essential parts of your home. It provides a barrier to keep out unwanted visitors and helps regulate temperature and noise levels in the garage; for your garage door to function correctly or maintain garage door balance, it needs to be serviced regularly by you or with the help of a garage door technician. If you are looking for garage door maintenance tips, then stay on this page because we got the content you need!

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Does Garage Door Need Maintenance?

The garage door needs to be maintained regularly. These are a few signs that it might be time for maintenance:

  • operation is not smooth or inconsistent.
  • unusual sounds when opening and closing the door.
  • damage to the tracks, springs, cables, or rollers.
  • dirt build up on the bottom of the door that could cause water penetration
  • rust spots on your door.
  • a safety risk of operation.
  • It becomes a significant hazard to children in the garage or others on the property.

Do garage door openers need maintenance?

YES! your garage door opener needs maintenance to ensure that it is in good working condition. If your opener is damaged or broken, it will not be able to perform its essential functions. If your opener requires maintenance, contact a professional garage door service company for assistance.

How do you maintain a garage door?

How to maintain a garage door? Garage door maintenance is vital to the garage door’s functionality. Inspection is recommended every year and will help identify any issues before they become problems later on. An assessment may include measurements of springs or hinges, lubricating all moving parts with garage door oil, checking for rust spots throughout the garage door frame, inspecting rollers, drums, cables, and chains.

Another best way to maintain a garage door is by contacting an expert in these areas for help or inspection every year if you cannot do it on your own. The garage door is the largest movable object in most homes, so it requires special attention when maintaining it to keep everything running smoothly and safely. A garage door can be a safety hazard if not supported because of rusting or improper function, with accidents ensuing from this negligent action.

What kind of maintenance does a garage door need?

For safety precautions, the times in which a garage door needs maintenance is at least twice a year to ensure its performance and longevity. The following are some of the things that should be checked:

  • Check your garage door opener for any obstruction, such as snow or ice on it, and clear away anything obstructing it so you can open the garage door with ease.
  • Ensure all parts of the garage door system work properly by doing a test run or test the auto-reverse when necessary (to check if there is enough power in the battery or needs a backup battery). If not working correctly, contact a garage door service technician immediately.
  • Ensure your garage door has no apparent signs of wear and tear like dents or tears near hinges or springs. This could cause damage to other parts of the garage system resulting in more severe problems in the future.

How often should a garage door be serviced?

The number of times a garage door should be serviced is at least twice a year, as I mentioned earlier. This will help to ensure that the system is operating as it was designed and keep damage from happening due to wear and tear.

The components of a garage door, including garage door springs (torsion spring or extension springs), cables, garage door rollers (nylon rollers or steel rollers), rods, and drums, could last up to ten years before needing replacement or repair work but are only guaranteed for five years. If you notice changes in how your automatic opener operates, this might indicate an issue with its motor or sensor arm, which will need attention sooner rather than later.

A garage door technician can also inspect any moving parts such as hinges, locksets, and torsion springs while they’re onsite; these items may not require immediate attention, but their condition will determine how quickly they need to be replaced.

The garage door technicians will also inspect the garage door as a whole for damage and wear, which includes if it needs painting or sealant (weather seal or rubber weather seal) that is usually applied yearly, and whether any chips in the paint should be fixed before rust sets in.

There may not always be one thing wrong with your garage door, but these maintenance tips can help ensure you’re taking care of it regularly, so problems don’t get worse from neglecting them!

What is the best lubricant for garage doors?

Garage door lubricants are essential to help the garage doors slide more easily. There are white lithium grease, spray lubricant, and home improvement stores that sell lubricants for garage doors.

WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray is a heavy-duty lubricant that protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. It also repels moisture, which helps prevent rust from forming in the first place. It can be applied to the garage door rollers, springs, tracks, door opener chain, or screw openers and hinges of your door. However, pungent fumes will fill the room during installation and must be kept well ventilated to avoid damage from contact with rubber parts.

WD-40 Specialist Silicone Spray will leave your garage door parts such as rollers, openers, and other components with a protective coating that is both water and corrosion-resistant. This means you won’t have to worry about the elements affecting it, which can happen over time if unprotected. It’s great for garage doors, but it isn’t restricted to use on metal surfaces. That means you can use it on multiple surfaces, protecting against buildup from other materials like plastic or rubber. The odor is less intense than some other options and doesn’t stick around as long either, so you need to worry about lingering smells.

As a homeowner, you should always have some garage door lubricant on hand to help the door glide open and closed with as little effort as possible.

How do you lubricate a garage door opener?

Garage door opener maintenance is an area that many homeowners neglect to maintain. The opener needs to be lubricated every six months or after about 20 open-close cycles. When you are doing this, it’s essential not to use too much oil because the opener belt will slip and cause problems with the operation of the garage opener motor. Use only a tiny amount of high-quality machine oil on your fingertips and apply it evenly around all moving parts where there is contact and inside the worm gearbox if applicable.

How do I service my automatic garage door?

To service your automatic garage door, you’ll need a few steps:

  1. Check the sensors for corrosion. If they’re corroded, replace them with new ones before proceeding to step two.
  2. Lubricate the rails and rollers on both sides of the door and any other moving parts with silicone spray or WD40. After lubrication, wipe down all surfaces that were touched by an oil residue.
  3. Remove the bolts holding up one side of the track using a socket wrench while having someone else hold it from falling off. Once removed, use a utility knife to cut away any rubber or polyurethane material obstructing the free movement of the track’s surface so that it can move easier along its rail.

Get help from an expert

Garage doors and openers need a lot of care and maintenance to function correctly. You must service it regularly, so it doesn’t break down or cause any safety hazards in the event of an emergency. We can help with all aspects of maintaining your garage door, including installation and repair services for residential customers like yourself.

If you have any questions about what kind of service or when service should be completed, please contact us to help you determine the right plan for your home.

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