Top 6 Garage Organization Ideas

Top 6 Garage Organization Ideas

Organizing the garage can sound like the most daunting task. Without the right organization tools, the garage can become a neglected room full of the junk that we do not want in our homes. With the right storage and a great game plan, you can transform your home garage into a one-stop shop that might even include a parked car…finally!

Check out American Veteran Garage Door’s six simple tips that will have you organizing your garage like a pro.

6 Ways to Organize Your Garage

1. Tool Tower Rack

Tools are not the easiest things to store and can become a pain when there are multiple standing next to one another. Not to mention the rust and dents that occur when we throw them in after a good use. Make your life easy by investing in a tool tower that allows you to fit everything from rakes, brooms, and mops. Some stores even offer corner storage to maximize available space.

2. Pegboards

Sticking with our wall storage theme, it’s important to invest in a good pegboard. Not only are these great for tool storage organization, but after a little creativity, these can act as great storage for wrapping paper, glue, pencils, and scissors. The small holes allow for hooks that can hold heavy tools depending on the size. These are functional and look great in the garage.

3. Plastic bins

To hide the holiday décor that is driving you nuts, invest in some sturdy plastic bins. They can be placed on shelves or can even hang from the ceiling. For a visual, check out plastic bin storage ideas on YouTube and get creative.

4. Labels

When it comes to finding the little things that have been thrown in the garage it can become a little overwhelming. Investing in a label maker is a great way to ensure your garage is organized. Use these labels to find holiday items, art supplies, gift wrapping, extra cleaning supplies, camping gear, etc. It feels good knowing everything has a home.

5. Rolling Cabinets

These are great if you need extra storage space for organization. The different shapes and sizes accommodate all needs and can be used for just about everything. Some can even be used as a working desk if you invest in a mobile work height cabinet. These are typically very sturdy and made of welded steel. The best part is that the raised bottom protects content from being damaged.

6. Wall Storage

This one might sound like an obvious choice, but you would be surprised to hear just how many people neglect the walls and resort to the floor. Once you’ve taken everything out of the garage, it will give you an idea for what area of the garage you’d like to dedicate to wall storage. Get creative with this one. Shelving units, racks, storage bins, and even mounted cabinets are all great ways to store items on the wall.