Ways to Avoid a Garage Door Break In

Ways to Avoid a Garage Door Break In

Sometimes we forget that the garage is vulnerable to a break in. The home seems to be the place we put our focus on safety and security, but somehow the garage seems to be neglected. Take a look at American Veteran Garage Doors safety tips to keep any and all intruders away.

Remove your garage door opener from the car

Before you make your way inside the home for the night, be sure to bring in the garage door opener. Leaving the remote in the car makes it easier for a burglar to come inside. Attach the remote to your keychain or leave it in your bag. If the remote must stay in the car, lock it in the glove compartment or hide it somewhere safe.

Install a metal or solid wood door

An older garage door makes it easy for thieves to break in since there could be breakage, dents, and gaps. A new garage door guarantees improved material and construction methods.

Motion sensing lights

A perfect way to get rid of unwanted strangers is by installing motion sensing lights to any place outside the home. The best place is right outside the garage door. Keeping everything well-lit will scare off intruders and can help keep yourself and space you live in safety.

Install an alarm

Wouldn’t you be freaked out if the door opened and a loud sound went off? Keeping a security alarm on at night will definitely keep the intruders away. Any motion sensed the alarm will sound. Make sure to do your research on the different alarms they have on the market.

Block the cord

The cord connected to the garage door can sometimes be visible. If that is the case, it is important to hide it to prevent burglars from fishing a coat hanger between the top of the door and trim. As long as the cord is blocked, it will prevent anyone from reaching the rope. For more information, contact us or check out videos on how to hide the garage cords.

Lock the entry door

This one might sound silly, but we think that because there is a giant garage door, no one will get through the entry door. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lock everything up to avoid a garage door break-in.

Cover windows

It might be a good idea to consider frosting the windows of your garage. Windows allow burglars to see in giving them visual access to all valuables inside. If they can’t see the tools, there is less motivation to enter.