Things to Consider if You Want Windows in Your Garage Door

Things to Consider if You Want Windows in Your Garage Door

So you’re thinking of getting windows installed into your garage door, whether standard, overhead, or full-view? Consider our helpful advice before making a big decision.

Windows and Garage Doors

Furnishing your garage door with windows has its long list of pros and cons. Windows in a garage door will definitely give your home a fresh, modern look but if you’re looking for energy efficiency then this might not be the best idea. Here’s our best advice when deciding whether this installing window is a go or no go.

1. Have a good reason

Before investing in garage door windows, think about why you want them in the first place. Do you need more natural lighting going into the garage? Do you want your garage in sync with the rest of the home’s windows or simply to enhance the outside look of the house? Or are you trying to make the neighbors jealous? Whatever reason you have, be sure this is what you want before pulling out your wallet.

2. Know the downsides

Installing garage windows give unwanted intruders extra access to look into your home. This might be a problem because people are likely to store their expensive cars and motorcycles, tools, and other valuables in this specific space. Luckily you do have the option of tinted or frosted glass. Also, think about the kids who play baseball in the neighborhood. Are you willing to deal with a broken window if an accident happens? Adding windows to the garage does not increase your garage’s durability.

3. Think about your budget

Just like other cosmetic changes to your home, adding windows to the garage will increase your cost by 25% to 50%. Will you be doing the installment yourself or hiring a professional for the job? Remember, quality always wins long term.

4. What kind of style are you going for?

Choosing the type of style or theme for your garage windows may actually be the biggest challenge of them all. From standard and contemporary styles to custom designs like Orion, also think about if you want a plastic insert and how you want the layout of the windows set up. Will your windows be clear glass, tinted, or solar? Your options are endless.

5. Consult with a professional

When in doubt, take your questions and concerns to your local garage door professionals. Schedule a consultation, get your estimates, and find out the different options made available to you. Professionals in this service are very knowledgeable about this unique installment and will very much help you in making the best decision for your home.