The 6 Second Garage Door Break-In You Can Prevent

The 6 Second Garage Door Break-in You Can Prevent

A home burglary happens over 16 times every day in Las Vegas. The only thing that a thief needs to bust into your garage is a wire hanger and finally gets into your house. It’s quick and easy and happens often in homes. There are several ways in which you can prevent such an incidence from happening. Garage doors are one of the most vulnerable entry points to one’s house. With a YouTube video and six seconds, a burglar can open your garage door and enter your home. This is also why we recommend a padlock or keypad entry to minimize danger.

Armed only with a wire hanger, thieves can either hook the code to the release handle or hook the release handle directly? After this, all they have to do is lift the garage door using their arms and they are in your house.

Once they have gotten this far, your home is at a risk. The burglars will see the sign outside on the front that shows that you have an alarm system, so they will kick the open but they don’t go in. The alarm system will be tripped and alerts the police. The police officers will come and check everything, the windows, and the door but fail to notice the thief who is hiding in the garage. After they confirm that everything is secured they go back to the station.

The thief is able to know when the officers are gone while he’s still hiding in the garage. The thief will have an accomplice who will act as an eye, he/she makes sure that the police have totally gone, before they come back to open the garage, load off and leave.

As concerns, the advisability of providing a “how to” on breaking into a garage with a coat hanger, over 1 million people have already viewed the video on YouTube. Some of them live on a street near you, and they are not all honest. The emphasis here is American Veteran Garage Door’s you can prevent being a victim of a six-second break-in

The 6 Second Garage Door Break-in You Can Prevent

But then how can you prevent the 6-second break-in from happening to you?

Take a plastic zip tie that you can at any home improvement store. Threat the zip through the emergency release slack. It’s strong enough to prevent the slack from being pulled open by a hanger. But then you can burst the zip tie during an emergency. This is a five dollar insurance policy that will leave the thief and the hanger out of shape.

Other precautions to take are:

1. Install a home security system
2. Don’t leave your garage remote in plain view in your car.
3. Always lock the entry door between the garage and your house.
4. Lock any other doors or windows to your garage.
5. Frost the glass on or add window film to your garage windows so no one can see in.
6. Check with your garage door retailer to see what safety or security features are available for your mode