5 Types of Paint for Garage Floors

5 Types of Paint for Garage Floors

Not many people put getting creative and painting their garage floor on the top of their to-do list. However, there is something to be said for a fresh coat on your well-used garage floor. The concrete can get dirty with oil stains, chemicals, water, mold, and mildew. Why not cover up it up with one of American Veteran Garage’s five different paint jobs for a smooth concrete surface? Pair a new garage door with freshly painted floors and your home will look brand new from the inside out.

5 Paints for Your Garage Floor

1. Drylock E1 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint

This paint will leave your floor looking smooth with a showroom quality finish. The advanced Epoxy Resin produces greater protection and durability for those tough concrete floors. Drylock E1 gives your garage floor a showroom quality finish and the best part is that it only takes 4 hours to dry. Choose between the different colored tints for a perfectly customizable and decorative garage.

2. Drylok Concrete Floor Paint

This paint is perfect for patios, sidewalks, masonry floors, and concrete. It is ready to use straight out of the can without a primer or base coat making it easy to use. Drylok can be found in multiple colors if you prefer changing up the look of your garage. The best news is that this paint is nonslip, fast drying, and resists hot tire pickup.

5 Types of Paint for Garage Floors

3. SEAL –KRETE Epoxy Seal Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

This easy to maintain paint has a satin finish that is scuff, peel, blister, and fade resistant. Not only is it perfect for garage floors, but it’s perfect for driveways, patios, basements, and pool decks. You can buy one of their many colors online and find all the information regarding their easy 4 step process.

4. Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield

Recommended for indoor use is this low odor, 2-part waterproof and water-based epoxy kit. This epoxy shield covers 500 square feet or a two and a half car garage. This paint protects your garage floor from stains and other chemicals and leaves you with a professional looking finish. After 24 hours your garage floor will be ready to walk on and within 72 hours your garage will be prepared for your vehicle to drive on.

5. Quikrete Concrete Coating

This fairly expensive garage floor paint is worth the money for its quality and durability. The kit includes a two-part epoxy, cleaner, degreaser, stir stick, and color flakes. You will be using your home garage in no time with this water-based epoxy that provides exceptional durability and superior adhesion that eliminates hot tire pickup. The best part, the Quickrete garage floor coating provides a showroom gloss.