Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Garage Door This Christmas

Our garage doors take up a large portion of your home’s overall facade so make sure you don’t forget about them this Christmas! As December starts and another month fill the calendar, many are getting this holiday feel because Christmas is almost here! It’s always fun to get into that seasonal vibe and start doing holiday projects for your home- and your garage door. Decorating your garage door for Christmas shouldn’t take a lot of hard work. In fact, you can add a holiday glam to it without going too overboard with American Veteran Garage’s easy and simple ways listed below.

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door

1. Herb Wreath

Not just a herb wreath looks good, but it also brings a refreshing aroma to welcome you. You can create a wreath using a grapevine as a base and then put a few herbs to bring the new scent.

2. Christmas Magnets

Magnets are easy to play with as they come in different shapes and sizes. You can get different types of magnets for different types of occasions, especially for the holidays. But before you splurge on them, double check if magnets work on your door.

3. String Lightings

Add shimmer and sparkle to your door by lighting it up in the evenings using string lightings. Any LED lighting gives an advanced look!

4. Large Bow

The easiest way to bring life to your garage door this season is probably by putting a bow on or around it. Use large bows to wrap them since they are sturdy and effective. Tie them off within the garage by hanging them.

The Bottom Line

During this season when everyone’s feeling extra happy and enthusiastic, you can add up and contribute to this joyous atmosphere even more by spicing up your garage door a bit for you and for other people to appreciate!