My garage door will only go about a foot and stop

If your garage door motor attempts to lift the garage door and gives up midway it could be for a number reasons. Garage door openers are programmed to stop if the door feels heavier than normal or if there’s any resistance coming from the door. This feature is built into the opener to prevent damaging the door or motor. So if your door goes up a little bit and stops, do you need to look at the door and see if there’s anything in the way. Perhaps a loose screw or not is obstructing one of the garage door rollers. I would examine the tracks top to bottom, and make sure there’s nothing in the way. Then I would look at the cables and visually verify that they are not tangled. One of the more common reasons for your garage door to not go up is a broken spring. Right above the garage door are your Torsion Springs. These springs provide need tension to lift the garage door as the motor moves it up and down. If your springs are broken, Your garage door motor will not be able to lift the door up. Most garage door repair companies in Las Vegas and Henderson are able to inspect the door visually and within five minutes understand the source of the problem.
If your garage door itself seems to not have any problems, You can assume the motor it’s self is the culprit. To verify that, You will disengage the motor from the door, and run in by hand to make sure it’s functioning smoothly. If the door runs smooth operated by hand, Yet your motor gets stuck lifting it, It’s safe to assume your motor needs an adjustment or a repair, or perhaps even be replaced.
American Veteran Garage Doors, our technicians are extremely knowledgeable, Able to diagnose most problems in a matter of minutes and offer on the spot repairs or replacements. If your garage door is not going up and you need assistance, give us a call we can fix it same day.