How to Keep Your Garage Cool this Summer

How to Keep Your Garage Cool this Summer

The hot summer months are quickly approaching and there is only one thing on our minds; staying cool. Not only are we worried about keeping ourselves cool, but the garage cool as well. If there are no windows, it can be quite the challenge to keep the garage temperatures at bay over the summer. Before stressing over how you’re going to beat the heat, check out these helpful cooling solutions that will put your mind at ease.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Cool

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

Take note that a garage ceiling fan is very different than a traditional ceiling fan you will find in the home. Garage ceiling fans are responsible to move a greater capacity of air. Since all garage shapes and sizes are different, it is up to the homeowner to find the correct size of fan for the garage your in.

2. Portable Fans

This is an affordable solution that will cool down your space when your spending time in the garage. Whether you are working out, playing with your kids, or organizing your holiday décor, a portable fan will get the air in the garage moving. This type of cooling system will not drop the temperature in the garage, but it will generate airflow and relief from the heat.

3. Dehumidifiers

If you’re located in a place with high humidity during the summer, investing in a dehumidifier will be your best bet when it comes to cooling down your garage. The moisture in the air can make it feel warmer than the actual temperature. A dehumidifier will keep the indoor humidity at a comfortable level.

4. Adding Insulation

Adding insulation to your entire garage is ideal when trying to cool down your space, however, it is ok to only focus on one area. For example, adding insulation to the garage door is not only the cheapest area but also the easiest. There are garage door insulation kits online that will only take a few hours to install.

5. Consider the colors

The darker garage colors can add those extra, unwanted degrees to your space. Darker garage doors and garage exteriors will conduct heat. Consider painting the garage door a light color to cool down space.

6. Parking Car outside

If you’re planning on using your garage after a long drive around the town, consider parking the car in the driveway until the vehicle has cooled down. Heat can radiate from the vehicle creating more heat in the garage. After the car has cooled down, feel free to move it back inside.

7. Open the Garage Door

This one might sound a little obvious, but opening the garage door and any doors in the garage will create cross ventilation and cool down space your in.