How to Pack up Holiday Decorations

how to pack up holiday decorations

The holiday season is upon us and that means that it’s time to unpack and repack boxes and boxes of holiday decorations. While decorating your home for the holidays is a festive way to express yourself and share the holiday spirit, the setup and tear down can be stressful! Luckily, with a little planning, you will be able to pack up holiday decorations in a way that allows you to keep a neat and clean garage. Your future self will thank you! Try these tips from American Veteran Garage Doors!

First, the key to a successful holiday pack up is staying as organized as possible. Break down your holiday decorations into categories so that you can store similar items together.


Unless you are decorating a real fir tree this holiday season, you will eventually have to take down and store a large artificial tree. Artificial trees tend to be tall and bulky, so this task can be a little daunting. The good news is that most artificial trees break down into several sections, so storing them should be a breeze as long as you have the right storage container.

You might be tempted to store your artificial tree in the same cardboard box that it came in, but that may not be the best idea! Cardboard is pretty flimsy and it can fall apart while being stored. Instead, you should store your tree in a canvas or PVC storage back that is intended for storage.


Just like your artificial fir tree, holiday wreaths can last a very long time if they are cared for properly. There are a couple of ways that you can store wreaths. First, you can place them in a box or stack multiple wreaths if they fit in the box. This method works great but you may also prefer to hand your wreath. To hang your wreath, simply wrap wiring around the wreath (florists wire works best), place a bag over the wreath to protect it from dust, and hang it in a closet.

Ornaments and Ceramics

In order to store glass or ceramic ornaments and figurines in a manner that does not damage them, it is important to store them in a durable box that has dividers. Avoid using a cardboard box if you can. You will need to invest in a dedicated storage container for ornaments so they do not break while they are being moved. Ornament boxes are rather inexpensive and are made of canvas and PVC.

Strung Lights

In order to pack up your holiday lights as stress-free as possible, you should first remove them from the light display that you have set up. Take the lights off of your Christmas tree, unravel lights from garland and decorations, and remove lights from your house.

Lay the lights out in straight lines on the ground. This will allow you to untangle any lights so that you can store them properly. Once you have your lights laid out and tangle-free, you can proceed with rolling the lights up. If you are worried about storing your lights, there are tangle-free cord rollers that allow you to wrap your lights around them so that they never tangle.