4 Romantic Date Ideas To Do In Your Own Garage

4 Romantic Date Ideas To Do In Your Own Garage

As we get closer to Valentines Day, many people will be scrambling to make reservations at a restaurant or bar. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing for your special someone, there are a few creative ways to celebrate without leaving the house, but you still might have to park your car in the driveway. Your garage space is a place of opportunity. It’s a great way to put together a production and have an easy clean up afterward, too. Here are American Veteran Garage Door’s romantic date ideas to skip the usual dinner and movies. Get extra points for creativity, comfort, and personal touch with these four romantic date ideas to do in your own garage.

Date Night Ideas in Your Garage

1. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Whether you prepare a home-cooked dinner with wine or order takeout, you can set the mood and orchestrate a date night ‘away’ from home. String lights on the garage walls and ceiling to create a romantic date vibe. Softly play music in the background, and set up a dinner table for two, complete with candles, a card, and flowers. Don’t forget dessert! If this is a longtime love, recreate the first date, and when dinner is over and you’re ready to go ‘home,’ you won’t have to worry about traffic at all!

2. A Night In At The Movies

Nothing speaks romantic date night like going out to the movies… or staying in for them. You’ll need a projector or large-screen TV, a cozy couch, blankets, and theater snacks such as popcorn, licorice, soft pretzels, nachos, and soda (or wine). Place the projector towards the garage door (or a white wall clear from debris) to serve as your screen. You can also select a few movies ahead of time and let your date choose what to watch.

4 Romantic Date Ideas In Your Own Garage

3. Sensual Spa Day

This one might take a little thinking ahead, but you can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your garage by booking a masseuse in advance and setting up a sensual spa day. Or, try your hand by giving a massage all on your own! Cover the walls in white or light colored linen. Use a variety of candles and essential oils to set the mood, dim the lighting, and put on a soothing playlist. Make sure to have a massage table ready with towels and warm stones, lotions, or oil that you can warm up in a crockpot.

You can also provide DIY masks or scrubs for facials, cucumber slices for eyes, and salts for a foot soak. Serve champagne mimosas, fruits, and chocolates on the side. You’ll be surprised at how this simple setup can transform the room.

4. Singles Awareness Party

Though a party may not sound romantic, some people look for love in any situation. Especially if you aren’t attached, or if you’re a couple who simply enjoys spreading happiness through house parties, consider hosting a singles awareness party and play cupid for potential pairs. Clear out your garage, set up a drink station, throw together some snacks, and decorate with balloons, paper hearts, and streamers. You can create a card station for guests to make and give to their crushes while playing sappy ballads and love songs on the stereo. For fun party games, you might even consider ‘Spin the Bottle’ and ‘Truth or Dare.’