How to Spend Valentine’s Day in the Garage

Love is in the air once again. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and a lot of people are getting ready and buying their loved one’s bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates, taking them to the fanciest restaurants they swear by.

Valentine’s Date in the Garage

For sure, the fine dining restaurants will be packed on Valentine’s Day with couples celebrating it. Not only it is expensive and hassles, but also a little less intimate, right? Give your Valentine’s Day date a twist by spending it in your garage! You will be surprised how nice it is to do it in an unusual spot in your home. Here are American Veteran Garage’s favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day in your own home garage.

1. The usual Valentine’s Day romantic dinner date

Set up your garage with a fairy light on the wall and scatter rose petals on the floor. Transforming your ordinary garage to a unique garage can set a romantic atmosphere that your date will surely love. Prepare a home-cooked dinner and share a bottle of wine while ballad music is playing to bring out total romantic vibe!

2. A movie theater date

With a few simple items such as a projector, a cozy couch, and a blanket, you can instantly turn your garage into a mini movie theater that’s unique! Don’t forget to bring loads of snacks for tons of fun! You can also create a fun video or slideshow to add some personal touch and walk down the memory lane.

3. Couple spa date

Bring out your scented candles, dim lights, and soothing playlist to create a setup that will surely make a huge impact on the ambiance of the garage! Pamper yourselves with facial masks and foot wraps, or you can also book a massage therapist ahead of time!

The Bottom Line

Who knew that the garage could actually be a nice spot for Valentine’s Day date? It is a fun and unique way to ditch all the common places couples go to every Valentine’s so try it for yourself too and experience something different this year!