Common Garage Door Problems During Winter

Common Garage Door Problems During Winter

The cold and dark season doesn’t only mean fun activities in the snow for the children but also troublesome situations involving snow for the garage doors. Taking extra care of your garage door this winter is essential because there are some problems you might have to deal with. Here are American Veteran Garage Door’s most common garage door problems during winter and how to solve them.

How to Deal with Winter Garage Door Problems

1. Metal Contraction

As the temperature drops, your garage door may begin to malfunction if the springs, screws, and other pieces begin to contract or shrink. To solve this, try adding a sufficient amount of lubricant to the springs, ball bearings, and the screw drive.

2. Broken Springs

During winter time, springs tend to break more frequently, and it’s a very common mechanical issue. If you are unable to open or close your garage door, contact a professional to determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

Common Garage Door Problems During Winter

3. Weather Stripping Failure

Luckily, Vegas doesn’t deal with snow every winter. But for the others, snow tends to accumulate at the bottom of the door, and it could damage the stripping when you open it. To prevent this from happening, avoid opening the door if you see ice collected at the bottom of the door.

4. Excessive Grease

Too much lubrication can also cause problems and harm the alignment of your rollers. Your door may not be able to open and close efficiently. Make sure to find the right balance between too much and too little lubrication.

The Bottom Line

If a garage door fails due to the cold, it can be a great safety hazard. But with the right amount of awareness and preparation, you can try to avoid a failing garage door or still be safe even if it does.