Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open Or Close

Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

There is probably nothing more frustrating when things break around your house when you need them to work the most. The same is true about your garage door when it fails to open or close. This can either leave you trapped in your garage when you need to leave for work, leave you locked out of your home, or leave your garage exposed and open for anyone to come and take a peek at your personal belongings. At American Veteran Garage Doors, we service faulty garage door operators and replace them with only the best brands on the market. But sometimes, there are other reasons why your garage door won’t open or close.

Here are some of the most common reasons and solutions to get your garage door moving again.

Photo Eye Is Blocked, Dirty, Or Misaligned

On each side of your garage door, there are two sensors that sit about a foot off of the ground and make sure that your garage door doesn’t close while there is something obstructing it. This sensor is called the photo-eye and it’s there to prevent serious injury or damage. Sometimes the photo-eye can become misaligned, dirty, or obstructed. You can have your sensors realigned by a professional at AVGD, or clean the lens yourself.

Broken Torsion or Extension Springs

Torsion springs and extension springs are responsible for doing all of the heavy work when it comes to your garage door. Torsion springs allow the garage door operator to lift and hold even the heaviest garage doors. Without torsion springs, your garage door operator simply doesn’t have the power to operate your garage door. If you notice that your torsion springs are damaged, call the experts at American Veteran Garage Doors to replace them immediately.

The Door Track Is Misaligned

When your garage door won’t open, sometimes it’s because the garage door has come off the track. Your garage door can come off the track for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the horizontal track bends under the weight of the door, the lift cables break, the rollers wear out, or the garage door is hit and knocked off of the track. Either way, this keeps your garage door from working. Repairing this isn’t a DIY job that you should try at home, so it is important to call the garage door experts at American Veteran Garage Doors to inspect and repair a garage door when it comes off the track.

Other Common Issues

Other common issues that prevent your garage door from opening or closing include:

  • the operator receives no power
  • misadjusted sensitivity
  • the remote signal is blocked
  • misadjusted limit settings
  • the motor has been deactivated
  • lock mode has been activated
  • the door has been locked manually
  • striped gear in the operator
  • the keypad is out of sync

If you experience any of these issues, contact American Veteran Garage Doors today.