Do You Need to Repaint Your Garage Door?

do you need to repaint your garage door

If the front of your home looks old and worn from the curb, you might want to consider giving your home a face-lift. You would be surprised how easy it is to make your house feel like new with something as easy as a fresh coat of paint. You can paint your front door, the window sills, and the walls, but should you repaint your garage door? It may be a quick way to spruce things up without replacing your entire garage door. At American Veteran Garage Doors, we break down if you should paint your garage door and how to go about it.

Is painting your garage door with the investment?

More often than not, the question that gets asked before any home renovation or home improvement project is started, is “will this be worth the investment.” In some cases, when the answer is “not by much,” you can skip the job and focus on another area of your house.

When it comes to garage doors though, the return on investment is significantly higher than most other home improvement projects! When you paint, repair, or replace a garage door the value of your home goes up. This is because a new garage door generally shows an increase in home security and curb appeal. In fact, it’s one of the home improvement jobs that bring back the highest return on investment at over 85%.

What Kind of Garage Door Do You Have?

There are several different kinds of garage doors out on the market. Some are made of wood while others are made of steel. The material that your garage door is made out of will impact your decision to paint your garage door. You will need to consider if it needs to be painted by a professional painter or if you can do it yourself as well as how often you will need to revisit this project.

If your garage door has a factory-applied finish on a steel garage door, you may need to repaint your garage door sooner than you would need to with a wooden garage door. This is because steel garage doors that have a factory finished coat of paint have a baked-on paint. This makes the paint last significantly longer than a coat of paint that you apply with a brush.

Painting Your Garage Door

If you decide to paint your garage door, you properly prepare your garage door to be painted. Newly installed garage doors may have a factory-applied coat of wax that protects the original paint. You will want to remove this layer as well as any dirt, dust, and mildew that coats the door as well. If you notice any rust, you should contact American Veteran Garage Doors. We can replace a panel or the entire garage door if needed.

Once you have prepped the garage door properly, you can go ahead and paint your garage door!