How to Open Your Garage Door During Power Outage

Open Your Garage Door During Power Outage

Not knowing how to open your garage door during a power outage is a major inconvenience.

How to Open Garage Manually

Being prepared in opening your garage door during a power outage is necessary for any emergency situation. Maybe you’re just pulling up to the driveway clicking on your garage door remote frantically for the garage door to open during a snow blizzard. Or maybe you need to get to work but the pouring rain blew your power out. Whether you’re being locked in or locked out due to any dreadful weather condition or natural disaster because the lack of electricity, follow these easy tips for opening your garage door, either way, is good to know.

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. The emergency cord is usually red and will hang down the center rail of the garage door system. Be sure to activate the handle when the door is closed to avoid the door from crashing down.
  2. Fully open the garage door by manually pulling it straight up until secure.
  3. Then when needed, close the door manually until it reaches the garage floor.
  4. Lock the door by manually sliding the lock bar.
  5. Reconnect your garage remotes when the power comes back on by simply yanking the emergency cord and snapping back the door back into its tracking. Another simple alternative is by pressing the button on your remote. Be sure the garage door is unlocked to prevent major damage when electrically opening it back up.
  6. Confide in any garage door professional to inspect or repair any damages before or after any emergency situations.
  7. Additional tip: Keep small children, animals, valuables, and vehicles clear of the garage way to avoid any injuries or wreckage.

Feel free to consult American Garage Door for any further questions and concerns to ensure your garage is safe and accessible to you.