Why you should never leave your garage door open

Why you should never leave your garage door open

You wouldn’t leave your front door open for hours on end, so why would you leave your garage door open and unattended? Leaving your garage door opener is a bad idea for a lot of reasons from rodents to theft, but sometimes it happens when your garage door breaks. If your garage door is stuck in an open position, American Veteran Garage Doors is here to help. Check out these reasons why you should never leave your garage door open.

Rodents and other pests

Another reason that you should never leave your garage door open, has to do with animals. Leaving your garage door open can leave your home exposed to the possibility of rodents and other pests. When you leave your garage door open, stray cats, rodents like mice and squirrels, and in someplace even raccoons can make their way into your home. This leaves your home and your personal belongings at risk of being infested or damaged.

Theft and Home Invasions

Most of the time, we don’t leave our garage door open on purpose. A faulty garage door opener, blocked sensors, or damaged springs can cause your garage door to jam. That’s why it is important to call a garage door expert to repair your broken garage door.

A garage door that has been left open can expose your personal belongings to anyone and everyone who passes by your home. In most incidents of theft, a person will case out the home where they will commit a crime. When you keep your garage door while you’re not present, you expose your car, bikes, and tools to becoming a crime of opportunity. Additionally, an open garage door exposes you to the possibility of a home invasion.

Weather Damage

When left exposed, your home and your belongings are exposed to the elements. Most garage doors have weather stripping and have a weather seal that helps keep rainwater and the debris from strong winds out of your garage. Rainwater, hail, and wind can cause a lot of damage to your home, car, and personal belongings that you keep in your garage.

Raise Your Energy Bill

A garage isn’t traditionally insulated very well, but when you add insulation to your garage door, you can keep your energy bills lower. When you do this, the bedrooms above the garage are cooler and easier to keep regulated. If your garage door is jammed or left open, you will lose out on that extra little bit of insulation and inevitably spend more on your energy bills.

Don’t get caught with your garage door open. Always remember to close your garage door whenever you leave your home and if your garage door is stuck, call the experts at American Veteran Garage Doors.