My garage door won’t come down and it’s making a clicking noise and flashing the lights

If your garage door won’t come down and makes a clicking noise, the safety sensors are likely responsible. Your garage door opener’s safety sensors are placed at the bottom of the unit. These sensors produce an infrared beam, which aids in preventing the garage door from shutting if something is in the way. 
Another possibility is that the motor unit of the garage door opener has been damaged. If you hear a clicking noise when you try to open your garage door, it could be due to stripped gears or anything else wrong with the motor. 
If your motor reverses and flashes ten times, this is your motor’s way of telling you that there is a bad connection between the two safety sensors. Your garage door sensors will need to be repositioned, cleaned, rewired, or replaced. 
We frequently receive calls from Las Vegas and Henderson clients claiming that their garage door will only go down a few inches and then reverse back up or go down halfway and then reverse back up, followed by a rapid flashing of the garage door motor room light. In this instance, it is important to seek professional assistance.
At American Veteran Garage Doors in Las Vegas, we have almost all sensors on our vehicles, including LiftMaster/ Craftsman/ Genie/ Linear, among others. We also offer all of the tools needed to remedy a sensor problem.

For all other models, you’ll want to read the owner’s manual. Once you know that your sensors are off, you’ll need to realign them. Follow the directions below.

  • There are two sensors you’ll need to locate, the sending sensor and the receiving sensor. You will find these sensors by the garage door track.
  • After you have located these sensors, equip yourself with either a measuring tape or a ruler. Your sensors should be positioned 6 inches above the garage floor.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the sensors to see if they’re aligned properly. If they’re not, then you’ll need to readjust them.
  • To readjust your safety reversing sensors, use a wrench to loosen the wing nut.
  • Once the wing nut is loose, adjust the sensors either up or down until the LED light quits flickering and produces a steady glow.
  • After you have adjusted each of the sensors into the right position, tighten the wing nuts until snug. Make sure that you don’t overtighten.
  • Now that you have repositioned your safety reversing sensors, give your garage door opener a try and see if it works properly.

Your Safety Matters the Most!

If your garage door is not  in good condition, then it may be good to call on an expert when dealing with the dangerous tension that makes garage doors work. Garage door springs are under significant stress, which can cause accidents for inexperienced homeowners who try self-repairing them without proper knowledge of how they should go about it.

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American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas is a garage door repair company specializing in servicing and installing all types of residential and commercial garage doors. We have been repairing, replacing, and installing garage doors for years. Our technicians are experienced professionals who will provide you with the best service possible. Whether your issue is with your unbalanced garage door or just the springs on your door, we can help! 

You don’t need to worry about paying us upfront because our services are guaranteed by warranty. And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer them for you.


 if you have any questions or concerns, our customer service representatives are available 24/7.