My garage door won’t come down and it’s making a clicking noise and flashing the lights

We often get calls from Las Vegas and Henderson clients stating their garage door will only go down a little bit and go back up or will go down halfway or so and reverse back again followed by rapid flashing of the garage door motor room light.
If your motor reverses and flashes 10 times, this is it’s way of saying It’s not making a good connection between the two safety sensors. You will have to re-position, clean, rewire, or replace your garage door sensors.
On the bottom of the garage door rails there are two safety sensors. They look like black little cameras, often having a service indicator light at the front.
If your garage door manufacture is a Chamberlain/Liftmasfer/Craftsman you will have a ‘Sending sensor’ and a ‘receiving sensor’. the sending sensor sends an invisible infrared beam towards the receiving garage door sensor.  You want to make sure the beam is not obstructed by any objects in the garage and that the sensors are clean and pointing at each other.
Sometimes your garage door sensors are just bad and need to be replaced. In that case, readjusting the sensors will not fix the problem.
Another thing to look for, although less common, is perhaps a wire from the sensor to the motor is damaged, thus preventing the motor from closing a circuit.
At American Veteran Garage Doors in Las Vegas we carry almost all kinds of sensors on our trucks whether it’s LiftMaster/ Craftsman/ Genie/ Linear etc. And, we have all the necessary tools to repair a sensor issue.