My garage door chain is loose should i tighten it?

We often get calls about garage door chains Developing slack or becoming loose. Sometimes extremely loose word hangs a few feet under the garage door motor rail. This can happen whether you have a chain driver garage door opener or a belt driven garage door opener. Slack will naturally develop overtime as your garage door motor wears out,  in particular the Gear and sprocket assembly. Although counter intuitive, it is recommended not to tighten the chain or belt. It is better to let it operate with the slack. Reason being, tightening the belt or chain garage door mechanism will create additional pressure on the gear and sprocket assembly the prompting a failure on the garage door opener components. It is recommended to visually inspect the gear and sprocket assembly as many times slack on the chain will indicate deterioration in the condition of the assembly and the mechanical integrity of the components. Chamberlain and lift master garage door opener‘s have a durable design allowing them to work for many months even when the gear is broken. Some of our clients in Las Vegas and Henderson preferred to take preemptive measures and replace the gear, or motor all together, instead of waiting for a Component to break and have a potentially additional problem later.
If your garage door chain or belt is drooping significantly. This might indicate the gear is already broken and needs replaced.
At American Veteran garage door repair Las Vegas we are able to repair any Liftmaster/ Chamberlain/ Sears/ Linear/ Craftsman opener. We carry all the parts on the trucks, and it’s an easy repair for us. We are happy to answer any questions and provide assistance whatever way we can. Give us a call today.