Keep Your Pet Safe Around Garage Doors

It’s pretty well known that pets and garages don’t mix well. If your pet is anything like mine, the temptation of running around free beyond the front yard is something that they just can’t resist sometimes. While most pets are pretty good about staying out of trouble around the house, garage doors can be a tricky issue to deal with. Many pets will find just about anything that their not supposed to play with. This can be an issue when you factor in a large, moving door. To keep your pet safe around garage doors, you just need to be aware of these few tips from American Veteran Garage Doors.

Keep garage door components out of reach

Pets love getting into trouble by playing with things that they aren’t supposed to. Your dog may be really interested in chewing interesting items. Your cat on the other hand, maybe way more interested in pulling and swatting at loose items. This can be trouble when your garage door components are exposed to your pets. If you notice that your pet as damaged any wires on your garage door opener or chewed up anything at all, do not use your garage door until you call a garage door repair expert to inspect and repair your garage door.

Consider a pet door

For many pet owners, especially those who own adventurous cats, leaving your garage door open is just one common way that you let your pet come and go throughout the day. This can cause a few safety concerns though. The first concern is that leaving your garage door partially open can but an unnecessary strain on the garage door hardware. Additionally, leaving your garage door open can expose yourself to the risk of intruders making quick work of your belongings.

Consider installing a doggy door on the door that leads into your garage or on a door that leads to your patio. This way your pets can safely come and go as they please.

Keep track of your pets around the garage

Pets, cats especially, are known to take naps and lounge around in the strangest places. This can be an issue when you let your pets around your garage. Always be aware of where they are so that you can be sure that they are not in harm’s way every time you operate your garage door openers. While garage doors have safety sensors in place to prevent the door from closing shut when they are obstructed, photo-eye sensor failures are not unheard of and should be repaired or replaced.

Schedule your garage door’s annual maintenance

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best ways to ensure that your pets and your family are safe around your garage door is to ensure that you have your annual garage door serviced annually to ensure that everything is in top shape. Contact American Veteran Garage Doors today to get started.