How To Replace One Piece Garage Door Springs?

How To Replace One Piece Garage Door Springs

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How To Replace One Piece Garage Door Springs?

If you plan to replace your garage door springs on your own, then this is the best article for you!

In more straightforward terms, garage door springs provide tension to the door opener and the overhead door to make it open smoothly, safely, and without stressing the motor. Since the garage doors are the heaviest moving objects in the house, they have to be supported in their function correctly, especially the garage door, which is the main-moving object in the house. With the springs like these, any slight change in the weight distribution or pressure on the garage door opener or the overhead door could easily break the operation of the whole system.

Garage door springs can be hazardous if they are not appropriately maintained. A good quality garage door spring can provide the extra spring strength that will help to keep the door on its tracks. If this isn’t done correctly, then the door can start to come apart over time. It will be challenging to get in or out of your home or business. If you plan to replace your garage door springs on your own, then this is the best article for you!

What Are The Things You Need To Prepare?

Before you start replacing your garage door springs, the first thing you need is one person that will help you lift the garage doors because it’s cumbersome, and you need to prepare and make sure of the following things:

  1. 2×4 wood – To replace your garage door springs, it needs to be open the entire time; that is why you need to use 2×4 wood or something that can hold up the garage door until there’s no more to go. You need to cut the wood that will fit your door exactly and put it on the very corner of the side of the garage door springs you are switching. It will help a lot if you put another wood to the other corner of the other side of your garage springs.
  2. Garage Door Springs – there are two types of garage door springs: Torsion and Extension. Extension Springs are attached at both ends to other parts of the counterbalance assembly. When these components move apart, the extension spring will pull them together again, while Torsion Springs are helical springs that exert a torque or rotary force. The ends of the torsion springs are attached to other parts of the garage door counterbalance. 

The spring we will use for our garage springs replacement demonstration is the extension spring. It would be best to make sure that the springs fit with the hanging Double U Hook and the hook at the bottom.

3. Double U Hook – If your garage door is a two spring system, you need to have this kind of hook, and you need to make sure that this hook is going to connect to your door. When you buy a Double U Hook for your garage, the one with a seal behind it is better.

Step-by-Step Procedure Of Replacing Garage Door Springs

Step 1: Hook the spring to the bottom first. Make sure that it is thoroughly connected. Be cautious in doing the switching, especially with the hook at the base; you need to make sure that the screw is in good shape because a lot of times, the wood is shoot out, and when you connect the hook on, it will be potentially dangerous.

Step-by-Step Procedure Of Replacing Garage Door Springs

Step 2: Lift the spring as hard as you can and hook it to the hanging double u hook. Use a tremendous force when lifting it.

Step 3: Get the second spring and repeat steps 1 and 2, then you’re done.

Is The Garage Door Springs Replacement Successful?

To know if you replaced your garage door springs successfully is when you take the board off, the door should stay up, and when your door slams down, it means there’s something wrong. It’s either it has the wrong spring, or you need to add more tension (to make the chain on the bottom hook shorter or move the screw to the very bottom). If it is too hard to close, it means that it’s too hot, so you need to make the chain longer.

If replacing your garage door springs was not successful, it is the best option to contact us, the American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, a professional garage door repair company that would do an excellent and high-quality garage door springs replacement for you!

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