How to repair a garage door cable?

Before attempting any garage door work. Please note, this is a extremely dangerous and should only be done with a full understanding of how a garage door works and functions.
I will try to explain how to repair a garage door cable that has come off the drum. This is the easiest garage door repair and can save you hundreds of dollars doing yourself instead of calling a garage door company in Las Vegas.
This requires no tools. Do not disassemble anything, especially no screws that are marked red; These have high tension and should not be touched.
To repair a door cable that has come off track You will need to disengage the motor from the door and lift the door all the way up. You will probably need one more person to assist you by holding the door as high as you can so it cannot go up any further. Position a ladder in a comfortable spot where the cable has come on done. And then try to carefully wind the cable on the drum as neatly as possible using the grooves marked on the drum. For the last wind, you will probably have to use some force to be able to fit the cable on the drum.
After doing that, close the door and open it by hand a few times. If it feels that a rolls smooth, you can connect the door to the motor.
The more difficult part, is understanding why the door came off track and repairing it so it doesn’t happen again.
At American veteran Garage Doors our technicians are extremely skilled, and often can diagnose a problem within seconds. This requires a lot of experience.
I hope this guide helped. If it didn’t, give us a call will be happy to assist With any Garage Door repair  in Las Vegas and Henderson