How To Open The Garage Door With A Broken Spring?

How To Open The Garage Door With A Broken Spring?

How To Open The Garage Door With A Broken Spring?

Garage door torsion springs are the most Essential part of the lifting system. It is the component proving the lifting strength to bring the door up and to bring it down in a controlled matter. Many people think the motor is the part lifting the garage door. But in reality, the motor simply moves the door, while the springs are in charge of lifting it. A properly functioning garage door is supposed to be In the state of equilibrium. That means when you detach the door from the motor, it should hover in the air at whatever position you leave it in, as if it’s weightless. Therefore it would be wise to make sure you have them inspected and maintained your springs. Faulty, broken, or improper springs may lead to many problems with the garage door and motor.

Signs That Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

Your garage door springs are broken, if you notice one of the following:
● The garage door is heavy to lift
● The garage door motor is struggling with lifting the door
● The spring looks visibly broken into two pieces

Do Not Use the Opener To Open a Garage Door With Broken Springs!

Do Not Use the Opener To Open a Garage Door With Broken Springs

A garage door with a broken spring should not be opened or closed using an automatic operator; although some openers can lift the door, you risk damage to the operator and the door. It may result in one of these problems:

● The garage door panels can cave in.
● Your opener may break a gear or burn out.
● The chain or belt may fail, or the trolly may sheer off.
● The opener J arm bracket will come off.
● Bend the opener rail due to the door’s weight pulling on the rail; in less common
cases, the motor might fall off the ceiling.

Opening Your Garage Door With Safety Tips

Opening Your Garage Door With Safety Tips

 The first thing you need to do is pull on the emergency release, that will detach your garage door to the motor. Remember that you should not use the opener to open your garage door, Even if it’s capable of lifting.

2. Hold the panel with two hands and lift it up.  Remember that when you hold the panel, do not put your fingers in between the panels(!!!) because once the door travels up, the panels will develop a gap. That gap will close back as the door shifts to a horizontal position. If your fingers are placed between the panels when they meet, your fingers will be crushed in between the garage door panels.
3. Once the door is open, it is now free from the motor and has a broken spring, which will probably slam down. It would help if you had something to hold it down, maybe ask someone to hold it in the up position until you are ready to close it. Another way to keep you’re garage door open with a broken springs will be to potosi on a ladder or a 2×4 under it.  Remember that you only need to hold it down, not lift it because it’s not heavy as it is resting on your horizontal  track. Do not let it fall down. Bring the door down in a slow controlled matter. It is recommended to have two people do it to be safely.

If you believe your garage door has a broken spring, we strongly recommend calling a garage door technician and not operating the door.

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