How much are garage door repairs?

It is hard to say what a garage door repair will cost because not all garage doors are made equal. Also each component is of a different value and requires different labor cost. Depending on the garage door manufacturer. Sometimes parts are not available. Thus, it could require to fabricate and fit the part for the door.  Having said that, Most licensed garage door companies will probably charge around $80-$150 in labor for a typical residential garage door repair in Las Vegas or Henderson. That price is not including parts, if necessary. Parts can range from $10-$80 depending on the part. Important to note that some companies will also charge a service call. Or an emergency call if the service is down after a certain hour. Typically after 7 PM most companies will tack on a an emergency charge ranging from 39$-149$ depending on what it in tails for them to Dispatch a technician to your house at that particular moment. I would say, “out the door”,a client should probably expect a garage door repair to be 100$-400$ depending on which company he goes with, if parts are needed, how complicated the job is, and if the company charges a service call.
At American veteran Garage Doors our estimates are free. we don’t charge a service call. We like to dispatch a technician with no cost to the client to evaluate the repair. Our rates are reasonable and i like to think we have The best service in Vegas.
With reasonable prices and free on-site estimate our clients can try us out risk free, As they only pay us if we are hired to do the work.