How Do You Know If Your Garage Rollers Are Bad?

Garage Door Repair Las Vegas
Hello, Michael here with American Veteran Garage Doors in Las Vegas.
This is a door with  rollers, as you can seehere a lot of noise, a lot of noise, a lot of noise.
I got a nice belt right here; that’s very quiet as far as the motor but the door is making a ton of noise so what we’re going to do today is just
replace her rollers real quick that mine’s robust, and I’m going to make it a lot smoother, and a lot quieter so these are the rows that they have
today, not a bad roll just worn out they’re rated for about ten thousand ups and downs after they start making a lot of noise like that bearing just go to free especially also if you’re lubricated so you can see it’s kind of wobbly this is bad uh this is a good one brand new quiet doesn’t make a lot of
noise doesn’t spin too much and we are just going to take the old model real quick so we’re back change all the rollers let’s take a peek this is not a brand new door but it’s still a lot quieter than before so huge difference well worth the money and the time you do it if your door is making like a whole lot of noise.
I recommend changing the rollers lubricating all the parts if you need to it’ll make a big difference but it will also save you money in the
long-run this motor over there.
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