Garages vs Carports

Garage vs Carport

As we drive through a neighborhood either looking at homes to buy or just cruising along we may see homes with either carports or garages. Both look and are very different from one another, even though they can provide similar functions. Garages and Carports both provide protection against cars by being a place to park in a shaded area. However, both are built differently and have various options on how they can be used. Here at American Garage Door we will explain to you the difference between a Garage vs a Carport.

What is a Garage

A garage is a standing unit that can be attached or unattached to a home or commercial business that allow for storage of your car or personal items. Garages are equipped with garage doors that can be automatic or manual depending on the type of garage. Majority of homes have garages with automatic garage doors that open and close with the use of a garage door opener from either your car or inside of your garage. Garages that are built around commercial and industrial property usually have garages that are a lot larger and are operated on a manual basis.

Why Have a Garage

There are many reasons to have a garage, they can play a pivotal part in our daily lives with the protection of our cars to providing us with extra storage for the extra items we have. Not having a garage leaves your car exposed and vulnerable to a variety of things from getting stolen to weather damage. Not only do garages add a layer of protection to our cars but they also can add to your property value. Today when people are shopping for a house, one of the first things they notice is the garage. People like homes with garages because it gives them an additional way in and out of their home along with the safety of being able to close the garage door from their car, as soon as they drive-in.

What is a Carport

Many people pass by a carport and wonder what it is and its function. A carport is a semi-shaded covered dwelling that offers partial coverage for your car, boat, or RV. Carports can be a convenient place to store your vehicles to avoid sun damage and fading, Carports can come built using two types of covering material, fabric, and steel. Both materials provide protection against weather however steel carport coverings last longer and are much more durable against the outside elements.

Benefits of a Carport

Carports can have many uses, especially in good weather. Aside from using a carport to park your car, you can actually use a carport to entertain or host a party. The way they are constructed with the four sides being open can make it a great way of easily having people congregate and socialize while being protected from the sun beaming down. Carports come in many different sizes and can easily handle the storage of larger items like a boat. A carport can provide easy access for a boat to maneuver in and out of the space.