Can I add windows to my garage door?

A lot of clients call us wanting to add windows to the garage door to allow some of the Las Vegas sunlight to come in. I would say adding windows to the garage door is usually costly if bought from manufacturer or time consuming if fabricated by hand.
The advantages of having windows on the garage are aesthetic appearance, and having natural light in the garage.
The disadvantages of having windows on your garage door are many. Safety wise your door can be accessed by anyone who breaks the window and pulls on the emergency release rope. Also,everyone sees what you have in the garage.Furthermore,if you have an insulated door, your insulation is not as effective when having windows.
But, Windows do you look nice. There are two ways to go about adding windows to a garage door.
Option #1 Replacing the top garage door section with a ready window section.
This is the preferred way to go. You will have to figure out which manufacturer and model you currently have right now. And then, call and see if it’s still available and what is the price for it. Keep in mind, a lot of times you are not able to buy the panel because it is discontinued. Buying a Garage Door section from a different manufacturer will not fit. Not all garage door sections are equal. They come in different stack styles, Different thicknesses etc. Not to mention that the windows sizes are different. You will have to get exactly what you have otherwise it will not work or look odd. Experienced garage door technicians often are able to recognize the garage doors installed in Las Vegas and Henderson just by looking at it and tell you if it’s discontinued or not.
Option #2 Fabricating your own garage door windows.
If you are a very crafty/ handy person and have about 2 days to spend on it this might be a fun project for you. You will have to disassemble your top panel, and set it on a work table. Then cut out windows at the desired size. And then, fit them with glass and framing.
Keep in mind this is not an easy job to do well. If you do go with that option you can buy window frames from Garage Doors suppliers Clopay is a brand that sells them and they fit in most doors.
Which ever option to go with, good luck with your project. If we can be of any assistance to you give us a call.