Are two garage door springs better than one?

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A lot of the garage doors installed in Las Vegas or Henderson have a 1 torsion spring installed Instead of a two spring system. We often have Clients who are worried about having a one spring installed and ask us about safety

Is it safe to use a garage door with one spring?

Yes. Any light door should work fine with a 1 spring set up. The spring lifts the door, so as long as you have the right spring for the particular door it should work fine.

What is the advantage to having two springs instead of one?

As your garage door is opening or closing, The torsion tube on top of the garage spins and with it your torsion spring spin as well. As the shaft turns, it adds tension to the spring, thus adding length to it. When having a 1 spring system, the elongation of the spring creates more wear on the torsion system fighting the rod from shifting and centering it. A 2 Springs set up will prevent the torsion bar from shifting sideways is the Springs work against each other by centering the rod.
Another advantage To have a 2 springs system, Is that when one spring breaks, the door is still operational as The door is held by the other spring which is still intact. Also in case the door spring breaks while the door is opening. The door will not come crashing down to the floor as the other spring will assist it to close or open.

Why is better to have a Two Spring System vs one?

 For all the reasons mentioned above, having a 2 spring system installed in your home garage is much preferable to a 1 spring system.
A two spring system is definitely the way to go.

Why does my door only have one spring?

Many home builders try to save a money on the garage part of the house as possible. Have a 1 Springs set up is cheaper than a Two Springs set up.
American veteran Garage Doors we do it all, one spring or to Springs. We try to help our Las Vegas and Henderson clients. We obviously recommend getting it right and doing a two springs set up. But if you’re on a budget we are happy to repair the garage door with a single spring.
Give us a call we will be happy to help.

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