When Should I Replace My Garage Door Motor?

There are several things that you should know when it comes time to replace your garage door motor. If your garage door motor is on the old timer and will not open or close properly, there could be many problems with the opener that should not be left unchecked. If your garage door motor is too slow to start up and stop, it can cause a great deal of frustration and aggravation for you if it isn’t fixed.

If your garage door is not functioning at all, you need to have it replaced immediately because of the issues that it can cause your home. First, if you have an opener that is not working properly, then the opener will work by having the power provided by a battery. The batteries are usually not large enough to hold enough power to open your garage door without the garage door motor. If you don’t have the proper batteries, you won’t have enough power for the door to open at all, and you will have to call a technician to come out and help you fix the problem. Most times, the garage door will start up in a matter of minutes, but it can take several hours or days to complete the task.

Another thing that you should know is that a garage door motor that is damaged can cause your garage door to start to malfunction more than it does when it’s working properly. You might notice that it’s just a little bit slower than it should be when it first starts up, or sometimes you might even notice that it has no power at all. If the garage door is starting to malfunction then it’s time to have the motor replaced. You should also know that when your garage door motor fails, it can cause a lot of damage to your garage doors. This can include a buildup of moisture in your garage that will eventually cause the door to rot. A replacement of your garage door motor will definitely be worth the extra money that you will have to spend to get the door up and running.

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