Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161


Millions of years ago, Las Vegas Valley laid at the bottom of an ancient sea. Movement of the earth’s tectonic plates caused the water to drain and pushed up the land forming a towering structure known as Red Rock Canyon.


What makes Red Rock Canyon so special is that there are so many different places within the canyon that you can explore,it’s got a lot of variety and the thing about the desert in general is it’s never the same it changes by the day the week the month and even the year we have a lot of great geological features and we also have the Native American pictographs and hieroglyphs we have the wild burros there we have hikers we have the climbers and we have the off-roaders and we were all able to work together and really make that a beautiful functional place that people can enjoy it’s just the serene environment where you’re able to see desert tortoise Gila monster rattlesnakes things that are maybe creepy and crawly to some but really are emblematic of the Mojave Desert I can drive in here every single time and I still have like that feeling of all and it takes my breath away and I really can never get tired of looking at the Red Rocks you can come out here you can enjoy some peace and quiet and some beauty you can hear the wind blow through the pinyon and you can come out enjoy clear blue skies and you can actually see the stars that night so it’s a great place to get away from it all and just enjoy some scenic beauty and some peace and quiet.

Red Rock Canyon it’s only about 45 minutes to drive here today from the strip it’s easy to find because you just drive towards the big colorful rocks but it’s more than just colorful rocks if you right natural wildlife there’s plenty of that to see I’ve not come across any rattlesnakes yet thank God it’s also a place where you have some of the most amazing views over Las Vegas Valley when you drive towards the Red Rock Canyon you’ll come across the famous Red Rock Canyon sign I highly recommend you literally spot the car on a guide get out take photos of you and the sign kinda like this one and be on your merry way to the visitor center now when you get to the visitor center they will basically charge you $15 if you’re in a car to drive around what’s known as the scenic route the scenic route is a one track road with loss of stops so you can take picnics take pictures and hike this cynically is 13 miles long and it will take you to some of the best spots in Red Rock Canyon be careful though because it’s a one-way only road so if you miss a stop you kind of missed it you can’t loop round and go back into the park again with your tickets but it’s a ball lake so guys drive slowly and make sure you stop at the place that you want to stop Red Rock Canyon is eye candy for photographers like myself and anyone who’s got an interest in photography so to get the best shots you’re gonna have to hike quite a lot guys holy crap is a hell of a hike but look at this view man seriously now must have it guys my feet have been killing me because I’ve been doing so much walking and so much recording for you guys that’s hiking after a while I just kind of make me do with some of these overall the immense size of the place will keep you in or and the fact that these rocks are natural wonders they’re not man-made but colorful it’s it’s a it’s kind of like being on Mars really it’s not like being in any other part of the desert or anything like that it’s it’s almost kind of alien but guys if you are staying in Las Vegas and you’ve got a date spare and you don’t want to drive all the way to the Grand Canyon but you do want to see some natural sights I highly recommend coming here to Red Rock Canyon add this to your bucket list because it’s only about a what a 40-minute drive from the strip okay then I’m salt what do I do well firstly you need to come here to Red Rock Canyon like I said about a 45-minute drive away from the strip if you’re not driving there are numerous Bluffs and tour companies that will take you here cost-wise well here’s the thing it does cost money to come here to the scenic routes and I paid $15 because I was in one car but if you’re in a bigger car if you’re in the bus in my constituent more or less and even cost money if you’re on 14 comes $5 on foot I don’t know anybody who’d walk here from the strip but for $5 if you do want to do the 30 mile walk in the desert as if but if you’re a cheapskate like me and you don’t want to pay the fee but you still want to see Red Rock Canyon that’s possible there are numerous parking sites around Red Rock Canyon and you can actually hike into it obviously this avoids the scenic route you don’t get the best possible views but if you all you want to do is look out over a Vista and see it take a picture and then leave that’s probably the best way to go so guys add this to your bucket list I’m not kidding Red Rock Canyon if you’re calling to Las Vegas an area of fun.

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