The Clark County Wetlands Park

The Clark County Wetlands Park Located at 7050 Wetlands Park Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89122

Is what we’d like to think of as a desert oasis as well as an urban oasis it’s located just a few miles away from the heart of Las Vegas the strip that everybody knows about but it couldn’t be any further away ninety percent of the water that gets used in the Las Vegas Valley comes from Lake Mead and the Las Vegas wash is the conduit through which all of the water that gets used in the valley gets sent back into Lake Mead over the decades as the population expanded here there was a lot more need for a place to put the water they also wanted to see a park built here so this would be a place where it wouldn’t just be important for the water that came through the park here was also an important place for people to come and recreation to come and learn about the environment as well as conduct research out here we have a lot of different volunteers we have over a hundred volunteers here that I think speaks to the importance that the park has in the community that we’ve had so many people who spend their their free time out here

Discover over 300 species of birds and over 70 species of other kinds of Wildlife thinner that are here in the park so most of the wildlife you don’t see and so that’s pretty exciting too because if you look very closely you’ll see evidence that’s left by the animals so whether it’s a little piece of poop from a rabbit or a track that we saw from a beaver or a raccoon that’s walking around it’s really kind of cool to imagine what’s happening here at night and all the different creatures that are here not for humans entertainment just to live here so it’s just really beautiful I was an outdoor kid and in the time that I grew up we could just run and we just wondered about things and had little adventures and I don’t think kids get that as much anymore and so if we think of ways to get them outdoors so they can have that outdoor experience with with freedom to run to explore to look I think it’s a good thing so that this place is so close to the city they can do that you can bring a kid out here and they can run and they can climb a tree and they can look for frogs or look for turtles and just build that enthusiasm again that III think a lot of kids miss out on when they become just city kids here I’m at the Nature Center we have an exhibit hall we have several classrooms as well this place is used by all different kinds of members of the community they can come in the exhibit hall is free they’re able to to learn something about the area to learn something about the habitats and the animals that are here before they go out into the park I really like the combination of science and art and ecology education and recreation those are just a nice combination it’s just a simple place how I connect is visually the way other people connect may be auditorially or there they’re going to experience something they need to touch it and so I try to think of different ways that people might connect because if you connect to the earth maybe you care a little bit more maybe your app to protect it a little bit more if you come out and play with me you’ll get it whether you’re a 97 year old man like my father or my three-year-old granddaughter come out and play come and explore come and discover common wonder and you’ll get it are you excited to escape reality, visit Clark County Wetlands Park.


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