Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

The Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This beautiful outdoor park is home to a variety of wildlife that you can watch and interact with on your own or with the help of the rangers. The park also contains many hiking trails that offer some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. In addition, the park contains a wide variety of plants and flowers and has a unique wildlife population, as well. This is a great place to take the family and experience nature at its finest.

One of the best things about the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is that it is surrounded by the desert. This creates a beautiful contrast in the landscape and allows visitors to see many different species of birds and other wildlife that you would not normally be able to see outside of the park. There are also many areas in the park that allow visitors to view the desert from a safe vantage point and are away from the heat and noise of Las Vegas. Some of the popular areas in the park include the Butterfly Center and the Desert Turtle Research Center. The center provides information about many types of wildlife and their habitats. The center also has an Aquarium and offers educational programs to children. The Turtle Center offers educational programs for all ages and has live turtles that are on display.

If you have never been to Las Vegas and are interested in seeing the natural beauty of the area, then you should definitely consider going to the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. This park is just two hours north of Las Vegas and is one of the most popular places to go in the area. There are a number of attractions and activities available to visitors and the park is an outdoor playground that everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature at its finest, then this is the place for you to go.




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