How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Window Glass Step by Step Guide

Remove Broken Garage door window glass

Step One

Carefully remove all pieces of broken glass left in window frame and clean the garage windows from any remaining glass

Remove the window frames from inside

Step two

Remove inside window plastic frame guard. In this case we have a Wayne Dalton 9100 garage door broken window, so we are able to remove the plastic guard by unscrewing all the screws. If your garage door is manufactured by Clopay or Amarr, or any other garage door manufacturer that uses a plastic factory pressed garage door window seal, you will have to cut the plastic off using a very sharp blade. Those plastic seals are very hard to remove and put back, so you will have to either remove the garage door panel and work on it on a work table or cut the plastic and use silicone to reseal it.

Measure the opening of the window.

Step Three

Measure the opening of the window. You will have to be extremely accurate; if the glass will be 1/8” too big it won’t fit. If the glass is 1/8” too small, you will have a gap between the glass and the frame.

Carefully place the glass in the opening

Step Four

Buy the correct glass. You can also use Plexiglas, it is easier to work with, but glass looks better and is cheaper to buy. Make sure you cut the glass accurately.

Carefully place the glass in the opening

Step Five

Fitting the glass on to the glass opening / Carefully place the glass in the opening. If the glass doesn’t fit, do not force it in instead, sand the glass down or cut a new piece. Forcing the glass in might cause the glass to break. Once the glass is in place, make sure you position the outside mounted decorative insert (if you garage door has one). You might the help of another person to do so. Be gentle with the insert. The plastic garage door insert are brittle and are easy to crack but could be very hard to find a replacement. Once you are satisfied with how everything is lining up, you can start tightening the frame screws or applying silicone if your garage door glass frame cover cannot be placed back.

Final Result

Before and After Repaired Broken Garage Door Window By American Veteran Garage Doors Repair of Las Vegas.

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