Winchester Nevada

Winchester is a small unincorporated community and census-designated location in Clark County, NV, United States which includes part of the Las Vegas strip. It is among the few CDPs on the west side of Las Vegas, right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center. It has a population of approximately 27,000 in Clark County and is located directly south of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is surrounded by Las Vegas suburbs. The population in Winchester was 27,895 at the 2020 census. Winchester, Nevada is also known as Waveney, North Las Vegas or Waveney Ranch. It is considered as a major center of entertainment in Southern Nevada.

Winchester Nevada has a large entertainment industry with a variety of casinos and amusement parks. There are several hotels in Winchester as well as a variety of restaurants and entertainment facilities. The city has many recreational activities, such as tennis courts, ball fields, swimming pools, horse parks, hiking trails and hiking areas. There are numerous places to go shopping in Winchester as well as dining. It has several restaurants in downtown Winchester, as well as a shopping center with many unique shops and restaurants.

Winchester, Nevada is not only a place for tourists but also for retirees. The city has a great selection of retirement homes and other retirement communities. It’s also home to a large percentage of military personnel and military families.


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