The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum, 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Have you ever wondered what happens to Las Vegas signs when they don’t use them anymore well they come here the Neon Museum boneyard.

Find out what they do with all those signs and why they don’t use them anymore, the Neon Museum and own park this is the place where Las Vegas signs come to die Vegas is famous for its neon signs but when casinos go of business or they upgrade the signs end up here now this places are open during the day and night it’s cheaper during the day and at night they actually illuminate the signs so I decided to come back at night just to see what all the dead size look like when they’re alive again now the tour begins at the reception and you’ll immediately be led out to what looks like a junkyard but it’s probably the coolest junkyard you’ll ever see and it’s only when you get up close and personal then you realize that these signs are mammoth and then it makes sense that these signs that you see in Las Vegas they have to be big massive because otherwise you won’t be able to see them at a distance that’s all us about an hour and during the tour you’ll get to learn about the history of Vegas and why these signs are so significant you’ll see the very famous signs of yesteryear here and some that you’ve seen on the TV or movies and was this a shame that they’ve ended up here it’s actually cool for a nostalgia trip it’s very educational tour and I highly recommend booking in advance because ordinarily you’d be able to just walk in the door pay your admission fee and off you go but when I came today they made me wait seven and a half hours so you know what it’s fine you know I could do other things during the day but if you want to come here at a specific time I highly recommend it you booked early and booked on the web sites now this place looks gigantic in the videos but it’s actually quite small if you did this on your own you could be done in about 10 minutes so it’s probably a good thing that there’s a guided tour the Stardust was probably the most famous sign that I recognized on here and it’s put a huge and still very much intact the only thing I will say is that during the tour there’s not really any designated time to take photos or videos so you have to be good at doing that’s on the fly they don’t like you wandering off on your own so bear that in mind when you come here definitely add it to your bucket list if you are a fan of Las Vegas or if you do enjoy seeing weird quirky things okay and in I’m salt what do I do well you need to come to Las Vegas first of all it’s just north of downtown Las Vegas now I drove here but I didn’t realize how close it was to downtown Las Vegas so technically you could walk it in from Fremont Street it might take you a while but you could definitely definitely walk it the cost well prices range from anywhere between eighteen and twenty eight dollars depending on whether or you want to come here during the day or come here during the night it also makes for some great Instagram photo opportunity so definitely definitely add this to your list of places to come when you’re in Vegas.

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